MBLAQ’s awesomely cool leader, Seungho shocked everyone with his crash dieting admission during a recent episode of the show Cool Kkadang.

Seungho explained that back in 2012 while preparing for MBLAQ’s It’s War comeback, he starved himself to quickly drop a few pounds after being called a “shaved pig.” He admitted to fainting at one point because of his extreme dieting tactic, and went on to say, ”The impact of celebrities talking about fasting diets is so big that adolescents and young women thoughtlessly follow it. We should prohibit celebrities from saying ‘I lost weight by starving’ on broadcast.”

Notice during a live performance of It's War, Seungho standing to the right of Thunder. He's nowhere near fat, he's just a bigger built guy, and that's totally ok, especially when he's wearing tight black leather pants. #ThoseThighs

Now MBLAQ fans know that Seungho enjoys his food and his weight does tend to fluctuate a bit from time to time, but he’s never looked even close to a “shaved pig” or “fat.” Unfortunately, he does tend to get that bloated look in his face at times, but he’s still good looking. His dieting tactic may have been extreme, but at least he realized it was dangerous and unhealthy.

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Do you agree with Seungho that celebrities should be prohibited from basically endorsing their extreme dieting techniques that most often result in little to no food?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE