A few weeks ago, we showed you the new black cheeseburger from Burger King, and the response from readers was equal parts excitement and horror. Well now, McDonald's Japan has answered the call and unveiled a black cheeseburger of their very own. 

And if I'm being honest, the new burger is about the same level of terrifying as its Burger King counterpart. By no means am I discouraging anyone from trying this interesting treat, but the photos don't really seem to do the burger a ton of justice. 

The burger's bun is made from squid ink and comes in a Halloween-themed box, which seems totally appropriate. The spooky burger is apparently available at three McDonald's in Tokyo, and it comes with a cheese sauce, onions, two patties, and a slice of extremely yellow cheese. 

[Cover photo credit: takuro88]

[Photo credit: dayo_ra]

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[Photo credit: natsuhi818]

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[Photo credit: mtknk]

[Photo credit: takuro88]