For years, McDonald's has perfected the "Mc" sandwich, but the fast food mega corporation might have just released a new item that tops them all. McDonald's is calling their new doughy treat "McChurros," and they are sold at various store locations in Japan. The McChurrros come in two flavors including maple and cinnamon sugar, but are they as tasty as they sound?

Netizens have so far praised the new item, many calling the churros very tasty. McChurros are only available for a brief time. An added bonus of the delicious item is that it comes with maple syrup and packets of cinnamon sugar to add even more sweet flavor. McChurros are also insanely cheap at 159 yen (roughly $1.56), and would make a perfect compliment to a cup of McDonald's coffee.

[Photo credit: Chiinyan00]

[Photo Credit: mehiru]