After food started to strangely disappear from his home, a 57 year old man who lived by himself installed a security camera and found a stranger walking around his home! After calling police, 58 year old Tatsuko Horikawa was arrested for trespassing and taken out of the home she “shared” with the man for a year.

Tatsuko Horikawa had created a cozy living space in the man's closet including a mattress and plastic bottles (I’m assuming for bathroom purposes). She apparently would come out of her “room” whenever the gentleman left and would raid his refrigerator and even take showers.

This is absolutely hilarious to me because it’s like episode 9 of Prosecutor Princess come to life! Remember when Ma Hye Ri and Seo In Woo found that guy living in her kitchen cupboard?!

This is totally the exact same thing except it's Japan and a closet! The police said the lady was homeless (Um obviously -_-) and snuck in when the man accidentally left his home unlocked, which makes me wonder if she was watching him, or was randomly testing doors out.

See? This is proof that even the most absurd K-Drama storylines can become reality, so lock your doors or you too will have a new roommate.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE