There always seems to be something awesomely weird and crazy going on in Japan. At this point the judging should be over and we should all be used to the strange wonders that come from the Japanese. I like to think Japan is just a mecca of overflowing creativity and imagination. I mean, take these three photos for instance.

While other people have their figurine collection on shelves, and their goldfish in a tank sitting in the living room, this man is putting it all to good use in fashion. He's wearing a wonderful oversized white sun hat topped with a hair salon beauty head with cute figures decorating its rim, while goldfish make the perfect earrings. To complete his look, a bit of nature in the form of pine cones add a touch of "green."

Umm if it's your pet, you can take it for a walk on a leash (-_-). Ducks deserve daily walks and socialization too.

O.M.G if you want to go back to school just do it! You're never too old for learning! Meanwhile I don't know who's cuter! I love this photo so much! Kawaii!!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE