This week in Japan we do a little grocery shopping, discover a very smart way to cool those hot noodles down, and check out how easy it is to pee in public and walk around in our bathrobes.

Food Shopping in Style

Could be a 7 Eleven, could be the snack section at a local grocery store, who knows! The point is while you're choosing your own snack plate, someone with a crazy cool imagination and awesome fashion style is probably standing right next to you deciding on their own snack with the help of the green teletubby!

Ramen Eating Essentials

Hey, ramen can be a really dangerous food. Imagine if it's too hot you can get burns on your tongue, your lips, and not to mention your chin and nose if you really lack chopsticks skills. It's for these reasons that this lady is awesome! She's using a mini fan attached to her chopsticks which provides a safe and burn free ramen eating environment by cooling her noodles! I am a fan of this! (har har har)

Public Bathrooms...Literally

When you've gotta go, you've gotta go, and I guess not having an entire door to privately do your business doesn't really matter. Check out these porta- potties smack in the middle of a super public place somewhere in Japan. Yes! There's only a quarter of a door covering this dude tinkling. But like, umm, besides the fact people can clearly see what his intentions are, what if he had to do number 2? Like is there maybe I dunno, half a potty some where? Maybe half a porta- potty exists because women have to go too. (o_0) On another note, that is a photo of a female on the wall of that potty right?

Uh, Oh Train Delay!

O.M.G not today! The panda is stuck trying to get in the train car again and now we have to deal with a delay! I'm gonna be late for stuff going on in my life!! #StupidCutePandaGetaBIKEandStayOffTheTrain

Guys in Bathrobes hugging you

Yeahh, that's pretty much all there is to it. These models named Sebastian, Yohan, Phillip, Justin, and Julian are running around Japan in bathrobes all in the name of Bubccino Bubble Bath. The brand is using the guys to entice the women of Japan into buying their bubble bath.

Umm yeah...NO. (-_-)

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE