Thailand is currently under military control after a coup almost seven months ago. Things are somewhat serious over there for many (as it has been in the past), but for those who feel like they just want to get away from it all and find some tranquility, all they have to do is go to the Doraemon Temple, where the monks and Doraemon will leave you feeling enlightened.

The Buddhism in Thailand is by no means strict in terms of what and how to believe. Wat Sampa Siw, a 700-year-old temple located about 100 kilometers northwest of Bangkok in the Suphan Buri Province, is known as the Doraemon Temple. The point of decorating the temple with paintings of Doraemon, who happens to be popular in Thailand, was to attract as many children (and adults) as possible. There is even a section of the temple with a painting of Doraemon characters that took eight years to complete. This temple is the world's only unofficial Doraemon temple.

No matter what is going on in Thailand, whether economic or political turmoil, all Buddhist Thai people can rest assured that all they have to do to get away is to meditate at the Doraemon Temple. Because Doraemon always comes through.

If I were Buddhist and lived in Thailand, this would be my temple.

Wat Sampa Siw

Nobita too! Wish I knew what they were crying about.

See Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung make beautiful music together in Tomorrow’s Cantabile
Doraemon all over the walls..

Making me want to be a Buddhist...