The stunning new fantasy epic Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy, starring Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou, has captured viewers' imaginations with its enthralling story and fabulous production. The drama particularly excels in the vivid portrayal of the many passionate characters and their intertwining fates. Let's meet some of these fascinating characters!

(Spoilers ahead!)

In the early 2000's, seven Chinese authors started a collaboration project where they each wrote different stories that took place in the same fantasy universe. That new imaginary world is called Novoland, a world that contains three continents and nine prefectures. There are about 30-some novels written to date about the different dynasties spanning 10,000 years. Although Novoland is fictional, some of the ideas and references are rooted in myths and legends from ancient China. Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy is the first adaptation of writer Jin Hezai's books.

As the story begins, the Great Duan Dynasty has been ruled by the Royal Muyun family for over 300 years. Ever since the founding of the empire, the Muru family of generals and warriors has pledged unwavering support to the royal family. But a schism is coming when the Nanku family is vying for power. The eight nomadic tribes also seek to rise up against the dynasty's iron-fisted rule. 

There are actually many enigmatic characters supported by a huge ensemble cast. The actors' names are included within the parentheses. 

1. Emperor Muyun Qin (Lu Fangsheng)

In a way, the troubling undercurrents facing the empire began with him when he fell in love with Yin Rong ((Janine Chang), a beautiful Charmer with magical powers. Their son, Muyun Sheng, would be burdened with a terrifying prophesy that predicts chaos and destruction of the empire if he should ascend to the throne. Why did he choose his empire over love?

2. Empress Nanku Ming Yi (Jiang Qinqin)  

The Empress craves love from her husband who only misses his true love Yin Rong. Despite her high status and gorgeous wardrobe, the Empress has turned her bitter disappointment into resentment and hatred. She would do almost anything in her quest to attain power for her son, Prince Muyun He Ge (Peng Guanying), and the extended Nanku family. She has already brought her niece, Nanku Yue Li (Wan Qian) into the palace to aspire to a desired royal marriage.

3. Muyun Sheng (Huang Xuan

The sixth prince of Emperor Muyun Qin is feared for his half-human heritage. His mother was the beautiful Consort and Charmer Yin Rong. He is also feared for the terrifying prophesy that says the empire will descend into chaos and destruction if he ascends to the throne. Growing up in isolation in the palace, the gentle-natured prince is actually not interested in the battle for the thrones, and thirsts for peace and freedom instead. But, can destiny be denied?

4. Muru Han Jiang (Shawn Dou)

The son of the powerful General Muru Shuo should have been brought up in comfort, but he was cursed by another prophecy that predicted his future as an emperor. His father, loyal to the Muyun Dynasty, decided to abandon him in the streets. Years later, the son finally meets his father and learns the terrible truth. In the meantime, he accidentally befriends the lonely prince Muyun Sheng in the palace. How will the two leading characters resolve their conflicted destinies? How will Han Jiang reconcile the inner resentment he harbors against his father? He is also a warrior who is devoted to his true love.

His name, Han Jiang, literally means "cold river."

5. Shuofeng He Ye (Zhou Yiwei)

He is the heir to the Lord of the Shuofeng Clan. He is also known as Iron Wielder. As a teenager, he witnessed his tribe's massacre by the Duan army and was enslaved. Once he escapes slavery, he swears to unite the nomadic tribes to defeat the enemies and establish their own homeland, but his hardships aren't over yet. He has to first prove himself to win the trust of his would-be followers. He is also torn between duty and love.

6. Su Yu Ning (Xu Lu)

After being carefully educated and groomed in etiquette by her status-seeking father, young Su Yu Ning enters the palace to try to become a lady-in-waiting. Unexpectedly, the High Priest, in reading her astrological chart, determines that she is destined to become the future Empress. Although it sounds like good news, it actually invites jealousy and danger. She was previously saved by Muru Han Jian and has developed feelings for him. Her future with either a Muyun crown prince or with Muru Han Jiang is likely the major romantic focus. Dare we hope for a happy ending?

7. Pan Xi (Janice Man)

A mysterious Charmer that the lonely Muyun Sheng sees as a vision in his Muyun Pearl. He paints numerous paintings of her, without seeing her face. Eventually, when she takes on physical shape, she and Muyun Sheng find that their hearts and minds speak the same language and fall in love. Will true love overcome a desperate fate?

By the way, the name Pan Xi literally means "yearning."

8. Muyun Luang (Wang Qianyuan)

He is probably the top villain among all the scheming and complicit characters. He is Emperor Muyun Qin's elder brother and the original crown prince. However, he was stripped of his status by their father. The cunning and vengeful man schemes to regain his lost throne, and is a formidable enemy to the reigning Emperor and our protagonists.

9. Muyun De (Zhang Xiao Chen)

As the son of the Emperor's elder brother Muyun Luan, he is not only a prince, he is also in charge of commerce in his father's domain. Although he is very handsome and comes across as a kind friend, he is perhaps even more cunning than his father, and he has acquired skills in sorcery.

Ironically, his name, De, literally means "virtue."

10. Muyun Yan Shuang, aka Princess Jing (Zhang Jia Ning)

The warrior princess grew up preferring to fight in battles over putting on glamorous gowns. She attracts Shuofeng He Ye's attention when she frees him from slavery to become a fighter. However, she secretly admires someone else. This will be an interesting side romance to watch because it's not clear how the two will ever get together. It seems more likely that they will engage in a live-or-die battle when they meet again. 

Her name, Yan Shuang, literally means "killing frost."

Many viewers are already captivated by the highly addicting Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy. Are you watching the new drama yet?


Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy - 九州·海上牧云记

Starring Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou

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