What is your dream job? No superior’s instructions and spending time slacking off while at work? It is possible to get a salary every month and additional income even if you do nothing but argue with customers. Where is this fantastic job? In Korea! No one wants to do it at first, but once they start, they never quit the job until they are fired!

These employees are called the Beggars 4, and work in a Korean Folk Village located in Yong In. They are treated on an equal basis with other workers, but they can basically do whatever they want. They can sleep wherever and whenever they feel sleepy, and beg for food when they are hungry. If the weather is hot, they just stay and sing a song under the shade of a tree. Any extra income the beggars get paid to beg is completely theirs. Even if they argue with tourists, they are not punished because they are just staying true to the concept of the role.

Let's meet the B4:

B1. Global beggar (21) / college student : King of begging 2012 with his fluent foreign language and pro-active attitude.

B2. Beggar who doesn’t beg (29) / actor : He skips the begging on the excuse of his back pain. He spends all day with this pose.

B3. Wholly beggar (22) / college student : Begging for everything. Money, leftover food, trash. He even earned their dining together expense.

B4. Newcomer beggar (20) / college student : Freshman. Just sit on the street. Doesn’t know what he should do.

They are so famous that broadcasters request interviews.

The moment that he almost lost his gourd while working hard.

Look at this beggar, he has a nice watch!

You don’t need to give a tip. They will gladly take pictures with you. If you give money to them, they will shout, "Oh, my king! Govern my country!".

"I can’t stand this rainy day even though I am in a beggar role. I will get off work early."

When a beggar meets a beautiful Korean autumn.

Becoming a beggar is getting competitive. They are so popular and famous now. Visit Korea, and meet these interesting beggars in a Korean Folk Village set reminiscent of what you have seen in K-dramas!