An android named Asuna had visitors to the Winter 2015 Wonder Festival in Tokyo confused that she was an actual human being. Her realistic physical appearance and mannerisms hint at a future where the differences between humans and robots will practically be non-existent.

On February 8, the Winter 2015 Wonder Festival was held in Tokyo. It is a bi-annual festival started in 1984 to promote the creativity of amateur and professional figure makers. The Japanese are known to be avid action figure fans, and with limited edition figures being exhibited and sold, this festival brings thousands of visitors from Japan and the world. 

This year, one girl caught the attention of festival visitors with her cosplay and cute looks. At first glance, she looked like any other 15-year-old to the many who walked by, but to their surprise, she wasn't a girl at all, but an extremely realistic-looking android. Asuna, as she's named, is the creation of A-Lab, a technology company dedicated to the research and development of androids. Their newest creation is their most lifelike robot yet, and in the company's own words, she "has a variety of expressions, a personality, a background story, and the ability to initiate and respond to events." I can only imagine how realistic androids like Asuna will be in 20-30 years.

Kind of cool, yet kind of creepy.

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