Cultures all over the world have their own ideas of what they consider to be a beautiful woman. In the Western world, despite being constantly bombarded by images of rail-thin fashion models, plus-size beauties have been making a statement of their own. Now it's time to meet Kim Gee Yang, self-proclaimed 1st ever plus-size model from Korea.

"I'm kind of an alien in Korea," she laughs. Standing 5 feet 5 inches and weighing 154 pounds, she says finding clothes that fit her is not that easy in her homeland. According to Kim, she is considered fat in Korea, and many women her size don't socialize much, preferring to stay home instead of going out. Korea does have a reputation of being very image-conscious, and those who don't fit the aesthetic of ideal physical beauty can feel disparaged. But Kim is determined to change that view.

When in the United States over five years ago to appear in some shows for Full Figure Fashion Week in Los Angeles, she was told that she was too skinny to be a plus size model in America. But back home, people were constantly reminding her that she was too big. Having had enough, the ambitious model launched her own plus size fashion culture magazine 66100, a name that plays on the maximum sizes in centimeters for women's and men's clothing sold in Korea. The motto of the magazine is "No matter what, you are beautiful." She has already inspired other aspiring plus size models in Korea, and she's determined to do more. When her Twitter account got flooded by nasty comments about her size, she simply published them all in a following issue of her magazine. "By printing them, I took control of them," she said. "Now they can't hurt me or anyone else."

This 29-year-old woman is definitely an inspiration. 

Model and publisher