An elephant in South Korea is getting a lot of attention for an unusual skill: he speaks Korean! Koshik the elephant is 22 years old, and has already mastered several words. What caused Koshik to learn Korean? Researchers think he probably got lonely with only human companions around, and decided to learn their language. So far, Koshik's vocabulary includes "annyeong" (hello), “anja” (sit down), “aniya” (no), “nuwo” (lie down) and “joa” (good). Why doesn't he know "oppa"? Koshik obviously doesn't watch enough Korean dramas! We know you want to see Koshik in action, so take a look at the elephant that just might know more Korean than you: Watching Kdramas is a pretty great way to learn Korean, but this story has us wondering if Koshik is available for tutoring. Has Koshik the elephant inspired you to learn more Korean? Have you learned a language using dramas? Let us know in the comments below!