For all of us who have big aspirations in life, this doctor is sure to inspire us. Having had her legs amputated after a tragic traffic accident at the age of four, Li Juhong taught herself to walk by using stools before she was eight years old. And now, as a 37 year-old, she's living her dream. She's a doctor, treating villagers in and around her hometown of Wadian village in southwest China’s Chongqing province.

Getting run over by a truck and losing your legs in the process would crush most people's spirits, but Li obviously is not like most people. At a very young age, she showed her determination and resilience, teaching herself to get around by using her hands and little wooden stools as her legs. Following her lifelong goal of becoming a doctor, she left her village to go study medicine at a vocational school, and returned in the year 2000 to treat the people in her hometown. To date, she's taken care of almost all of the 1000 or so residents of Wadian village, and she's even travelled to nearby villages, having treated over 6000 other patients in desperate need of medical care. In the process, she's worn out 24 wooden stools.

Behind Li's inspirational story is a loving husband, who quit his job to stay at home and support his wife, sometimes carrying her on his back when she makes house calls. They have a healthy 12 year-old son, whose dream is to one day become a doctor, just like his awesome mother. With his mother's (and father's) genes, he's sure to become an inspiring adult himself.

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