Park Shi Hoo and Cat

Shi Hoo: Hellooo Jam-i! Did you sleep well?

Jam-i: What else is there to do?

Park Shi Hoo (Queen of Reversals, Prosecutor Princess) uploaded some photos of his new pet kitty! I love how absolutely annoyed the cat looks, especially in the last photo, but he's awfully cute. The photos came with the captions below; whoever came up with them sure didn't mind poking fun at the actor. Park Shi Hoo and Cat-2 Shi Hoo: Now look! Isn't it interesting? Yeah? Jam-i: (staring)... Park Shi Hoo and Cat-3 Jam-i: Not that cool.... Shi Hoo: Ah.... Park Shi Hoo and Cat-4 Shi Hoo: (sings out a rhyme/game) Jam-i: Let my hand go, bastard! Park Shi Hoo and Cat-5 Jam-i: Play, and then I get to eat... Park Shi Hoo and Cat-6 Shi Hoo: Peekaboo! Jam-i: Oh My God you scared me... Park Shi Hoo and Cat-7 But they're really on good terms... Watch Park Shi Hoo on DramaFever! source: nate