Shawn Dou is one of the hottest rising actors in China right now. He currently stars in Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy as a powerful general's son who is cursed with a secret prophesy. But, in real life, the lucky actor has seen his career skyrocket in the last two years. Take a look at these special photos showing off the actor with a natural charisma.

Fans are lucky, too, that Shawn Dou decided to enter acting. 

Born in China, he moved to Vancouver, Canada with his family when he was ten. At the age of 18, he entered Sunshine Nation, a talent discovery program held by the local Chinese radio stations, and won in the Sunshine Boyz category. He was then inspired and motivated to return to China and enrolled in the Beijing Film Academy in 2008.

He debuted in 2010 in the movie Under the Hawthorne Tree and won recognition. He has since seen his career rise by taking on more and more challenging roles. 

2015 became a really productive year for Shawn Dou, as he participated in four important movies of different genres and roles: Wolf TotemThe QueensTo the Fore, and Time to Love. He won Best Actor at the 11th Festival Du Cinema Chinois De Paris for the movie Youth Dinner, which was released in 2017. He has been busy in dramas too, as he just starred in Princess Agents earlier this year.

Let's not forget some basic stats for the 28-year-old leading man:

Chinese name: 竇驍. His given name 驍 (Xiao) literally means brave or valiant.

Height: 6 ft.  

Weight: 159 lbs 

Blood Type: O

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

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There is no doubt that the handsome and talented actor will go far and fly high with his turbo-charged trajectory.

Let's watch Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy and see more of Shawn Dou!


Tribes and Empires: The Storm of Prophecy - 九州·海上牧云记

Starring Huang Xuan and Shawn Dou

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Best of luck to Shawn Dou and to his alter ego, Muru Han Jiang, in the fantastic new drama!

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