It's always fun to meet a new leading man on the rise. In the new romance comedy web-drama Swan, we get to meet the cute and charming Yu Xiaotong, also known as Jim Yu. Take a look at these photos. Did we mention he can sing too? 

First, let's check out the vital stats:

1. Yu Xiaotong was born on May 29, 1994, making him only 22 going on 23.

(photos from 2013)

2. He is tall, very tall. At 190 cm (about 6' 3"), he is one of the new generation of handsome actors who are not only talented but also tower over the average crowd.

It is perhaps a trend that started with Hallyu star Lee Min Ho, who is nicknamed "Long-legged Oppa" in China where he is extremely popular. Yu Xiaotong is actually taller than Lee Min Ho by 3 cm.

(photos from 2015)

3. He was only 13 when he was selected by the famous director Chen Kaige to star as the young version of legendary Chinese traditional opera singer Mei Lanfang in the movie Forever Enthralled. At 14, he debuted in TV drama The Dream of Red Mansions, playing the young version of Jia Baoyu, the famous leading character from the Chinese classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber.

(Yu Xiaotong in The Dream of Red Mansions)

Yu Xiaotong won the Most Popular Actor award (by audience voting) at the 2011 Seoul International Drama Awards for his performance in The Dream of Red Mansions.

4. We're glad to see him transform into a hot leading man just a few years later!

5. He can sing too!

Watch his recent performance at China's TV Drama Awards that was broadcast on January 1, 2017:

In Swan, Yu Xiaotong plays a hotshot plastic surgeon. He encounters his Korean ex-wife (Nam Gyu Ri) for the first time in five years on a reality show. The drama begins with the tension-filled scene where he has to make a decision that involves a huge prize. 

Will he win or lose?

The cute web drama has 18 episodes that are only 20 minutes long. It's a great candidate for a quick binge.

Best wishes to Yu Xiaotong and hope to see you in more dramas!

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