Variety show fans, rejoice! Dramafever has a brand new reality show featuring hilarious Korean celebrities, including K-drama and K-pop stars. The show, Roommate, places eleven Korean celebrities into one house and watches as hilarity ensues with the mismatched parings. Let's meet the eleven roommates and take a look at some of their best moments so far:

1. Lee Dong Wook, actor

Even though he's busy filming a drama, the star of My Girl and Scent of a Woman decided to move away from home for the first time in his life and join the Roommate cast.

Highlight: He painstakingly learned the lyrics to "Love Is an Open Door" so that he could lip sync it with his roommate Jo Se Ho.

2. Park Bom, 2NE1

The singer brings her larger-than-life personality to the screen. She isn't afraid to say what she's thinking to the other roommates!

Highlight: She stashes food under her pillow so that she can eat it as soon as she opens her eyes. And it's not just cookies or crackers, either--she pulled out an entire pudding cup!

3. Park Min Woo, actor

Probably best known for his portrayal of Crazy Rooster on Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, Park Min Woo is a sweetheart on the show. He's always flashing those handsome dimples for all to see.

Highlight: His love-hate bromance with Seo Kang Joon. They bonded while eating noodles in the rain.

4. Hong Soo Hyun, actress

Like Lee Dong Wook, the actress from Jang Ok Jung and History of a Salaryman has never lived away from home before this show.

Highlight: Who knew she was such a flirt? It was endearing to see her having a great time with the boys from the moment she entered the house.

5. Park Chan Yeol, EXO

EXO's Chan Yeol is an eager young roommate who is up for anything, from playing the piano at a moment's notice to building a bench with his bare hands.

Highlght: Every time something new happens, Chan Yeol says that it's a growing experience. Eating hot peppers? It will make him mature. Doing an impromptu song in front of his roommates? It will help him mature.

6. Nana, Orange Caramel

The idol who landed in second place on the 2013 Independent Critics list of most beautiful faces (just behind Marion Cotillard) shows off her personality (and her dance moves) in the home.

Highlight: Even though she confessed that patience can be a weakness, she was a kind and diligent dance teacher for her rhythmically challenged roomie Hong Soo Hyun.

7. Seo Kang Joon, actor

The newbie actor, fresh off of the success of Sly and Single Again, is the house's resident heartthrob.

Highlight: He bragged about his experience studying abroad, but his language skills didn't quite extend to explaining how a toy helicopter fell into the yard of the Mexican embassy.

8. Song Ga Yeon, athlete

This 19-year-old MMA fighter is the youngest celebrity in the house, but she can definitely hold her own against her older roommates.

Highlight: When asked about her talents, she said, "I'm really good at knocking people out." She then proceeded to prove it by putting Dong Wook into a headlock!

9. Lee So Ra, supermodel

The seasoned supermodel decided to give roommates a try after living alone for many years. After adjusting to the change, she has become like an older sister to the other cast members.

Highlight: Her adorable little dog, Giselle! Hopefully she feels better soon!

10. Jo Se Ho, comedian

The house's resident funny man has made it his mission to break roommate Lee Dong Wook out of his shell.

Highlight: He entered the house fully prepared with a giant portrait of himself to display in the common room.

11. Shin Sung Woo, singer

Like Lee So Ra, this Korean rock star has used his life experience to become a mentor to the younger men in the house. He has earned the nickname "Mama shin" for his cooking abilities.

Highlight: Always the good sport, he allowed Park Bom to shave off his longtime beard on a whim.

What's your favorite Roommate moment so far? Do you think any romance will blossom in the house? Comment below!

Vivi is an unapologetic Korean drama addict and blogger. She blogs with her K-drama best friend Coco at Kdrama Fighting! In her free time, she likes to bring her commentary to the DramaFever crowd.

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