By Stephanie from Meet the Barefoot Friends Cast! Now here are some friends I'd like to be barefoot with! How excited were we when news of this new program was released? Kim Hyun Joong? Yoon Shi Yoon? A bunch of people I don't know? Gadzooks, I'm in! If you're like me and are still new to the world of Variety, you might not know half of the cast, and are thereby forced to dole out nicknames like "Mr. Sarcasm", "Irritated Ahjussi", or "That Loud Guy". So here's a little cheat sheet to help you through. Episode 1 KANG Ho Dong2 Kang Ho Dong: "That Loud Guy". He seems to be the leader of our program which makes sense considering that as an MC and comedian he's pretty much a mainstay on the variety show circuit. Previous shows include Strong Heart, 1N2D, X-Man, Star King, Knee Drop Guru, and the recently canceled Moonlight Prince. Episode 1 Yoon Jong Shin2 Yoon Jong-shin: "Irritated Ahjussi" Singer and songwriter, poor Irritated Ahjussi is the least popular member of our newly formed group of friends, which he accepts with (almost) good cheer and sweetly presents Eunhyuk a steamed bun with an incense candle for his birthday. He's currently one of the three hosts of the new variety show, Hwasin. Episode 1 Kim Bum Soo Kim Bum Soo: No nickname. None was needed after he appeared in his survival gear. Just where did he think he was going to need that giant coil of rope? Kim Bum Soo is an R&B and ballad singer, some call him the “King of the OST” Episode 1 Yoo Sae Yoon Yu Sae Yoon: "Mr. Sarcasm" I knew I was going to like this guy when he listed sarcasm as his best feature. Comedian and MC, he's previously worked with Kang Ho Dong on the program Knee Drop Guru. He's also a member of the music duo, UV. If you haven't seen the MV for "Itaewon Freedom", do yourself a favor and check it out, with CGI tigers and a crotch thrust too powerful for TV, you don't want to miss out. Episode 1 KHJ2 Kim Hyun Joong: Well, if you don't know Kim Hyun Joong, I congratulate you for getting out from underneath that rock. Known as an idol star from the group SS501 and his current solo career, he's also starred in the dramas Playful Kiss and Boys Over Flowers. Spacey and adorable, he's the handsomest and most popular cast member (so sayith the rest of the cast.) Episode 1 Yoon Shi Yoon2 Yoon Shi Yoon: "Happy Chipmunk" A variety show newbie, Yoon Shi Yoon came out swinging in our first episode. His ride with the Australian tourist is probably one of the best variety moments out there. "You know Gangnam Style?" His day job is of course that of actor starring in shows like High Kick Through the Roof, Baker King Tak Goo, Me Too, Flower!, and Flower Boy Next Door. Episode 1 Eunhyuk Eunhyuk: "That Guy From Super Junior" Idol star extraordinaire, he's so popular that he worries if it will be possible for him to film overseas. Funny, considering he spent the rest of the episode getting shot down. But as a member of Super Junior, he is hugely popular. We've also learned he has no sense of direction, is handy at interpreting Kim Hyun Joong's spaciness for the rest of the cast, and is earning the nickname "Junior Mr. Sarcasm" Episode 1 Uee2 Uee: "The Girl" The lone girl in our cast, Uee is a member of the girl group After School and is making a name for herself as actress in dramas like You're Beautiful, Birdie Buddy, Queen Seondeok, Ojakgyo Brothers, and Jeon Woo-chi. Check out the newest episode of  Barefoot Friends, and read our hilarious Barefoot Friends Drama Club responses!