Over its 10-year run, the hit American TV show Friends became hugely popular and provided happiness for millions of people, but perhaps no one fell in love with Joey, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe as much as the Chinese man who decided to live his life eternally as if he were stuck in an episode of Friends.

After facing a big breakup with hi first love, the man who now goes by Gunther (the name of the coffee shop owner in Friends) was told that he should watch the TV show to help him get over it. Well, it didn't just help him overcome that one hardship in life; it became his life. After quitting the job he hated, he opened his very own replica of the Central Perk in Beijing, complete with staff named after the characters and even a real-life Smelly Cat. Learn more about Gunther's sweet obsession below. 

Even if it does seem a bit over-the-top, you have to admit that Gunther's life has brought not only him, but many others, a lot of happiness! 

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