Who is she? The novelist of "The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love," from which the hit drama Moonshine and Valentine is adapted, is quite a unique writer. You'll also be surprised by what inspired her to write the fantasy romance.

Surprisingly, Shi Dingrou is surrounded by engineers. Her father, brother, and husband are all engineers. However, she grew up loving to read martial arts adventure novels.

She gained recognition for her first novel, a martial arts story published in 2004, that would eventually become a series of three novels. She then transitioned to modern romances that focused on China's new generation of young people. "Remembering Li Chuan" (2008) became one of the most popular campus romances of the year. She then published "The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love" in 2009, which won the top prize in the category of original female writings for the Rainbow Cup, a literature award.

The popular author is praised for her prose-like writing style. Perhaps she was always destined to become a writer, but she ventured into writing out of getting relief from her daily stress. After graduating with a degree in Chinese, she went to Canada and obtained a master's degree in East Asia Studies from McMaster University, and eventually earned a PhD degree in East Asia Studies from the University of Toronto (St. George Campus).

At the beginning of each episode of Moonshine and Valentine, the narrator recounts how a group of alien visitors arrive on Earth many eons ago, and that their interactions with humans were included in a Tang-dynasty book called Guan Yi Ji. It turned out that this ancient book from the eighth century really existed, although only six of the original twenty scrolls remain. The stories were written in a new style that elevated creative writings at the time and remain influential to this day, including inspiring Shi Dingrou's "The Love Knot: His Excellency's First Love."

The fantasy romantic drama unfolds its enchanting tale by tracing how Master Helan Jing Ting of the mysterious Fox clan (Johnny Huang) and present-day human woman Guan Pi Pi (Victoria Song ) have been entangled for a thousand years. Will they finally find ever-after happiness in this life?

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Moonshine and Valentine - 结爱·千岁大人的初恋

Starring Victoria Song and Huang Jingyu

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Shi Dingrou now resides in Canada. She continues to write and is active with her Weibo social media account. She recently reminded followers that there are three books in the Love Knot series, and that the web series is adapted only from the first book. A movie based on all three books is reportedly in the planning stage.

It should be noted that the drama's script is different from the original novel, particularly in its ending.

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