Did you know Nick Chou almost became a member of Super Junior, the famous K-pop group? With many new Chinese-language dramas being introduced on DramaFever, we lucky fans get to meet new hot leading men such as Nick Chou, who stars in Taiwanese romantic drama with an unusual time-travel twist, Love, Timeless

Nick Chou (Chinese name: Chou Tang-Hao) is a first-time leading man who rose to fame as a singer. The 28-year-old hottie writes and performs his own songs as a rapper, singer, and dancer. As turned out, he inherited strong musical and acting genes from his parents: his mother is a singer and his father an actor.

1. The talented young man grew up with strong passion for music and performance. 

Here he is, at the mere age of 14, performing in a MV for the song, "Who is an Idiot?", with his mother, singer-actress Billie Wang:

2. See Nick now, at 28, rapping his own song, "Turn Up," from his popular album, REAL, released in October, 2016:

3. He also shows off his dance prowess in the dance version of "Turn Up":

4. How he got his debut album is a near-legendary story.

In July 2010, He attracted more than 3,000 fans to a concert and won the chance to release an album by Warner Music Taiwan, which had set the requirement of 3,000 attendees for Nick to prove his popularity. His debut album, titled Nick Chou, was released on July 16, 2010.

(Photo: His mother, Billie Wang, went on stage to congratulate Nick.)

5. Nick also sings the opening theme song, "Not Let Go," for Love, Timeless. He co-wrote the lyrics and music with Jae Chong.

6. Would Nick change his decision from 10 years ago?

When Nick Chou was 15 and studying in the USA, he was spotted by a rep from the Korean S.M. Entertainment company. Nick was offered a great opportunity and could have become a member of the Super Junior group, but he declined after realizing the contract would be for 10 years.

In Love, Timeless, Nick's character went back 10 years to college days and searched for his true love. In real life, Nick's first and forever love apparently remains to be music and performance. 

Nick has said that he does not regret declining the K-pop offer, and he has certainly built a successful singing and acting career that is continuing on the rise. Do you think he made the right choice?


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