Currently in Japan, the term “Marshmallow Girls” has been trending, which is basically a cute/pretty name for Japanese girls who don’t have a thin body shape. Recently, a music company decided to capitalize on the trend by forming a 10 member plus-sized J-POP girl group called Chubbiness.

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Chubbiness has been gaining both positive and negative attention since their introduction. On one hand, it’s a good thing to see girls who aren’t the industry “standard” in the spotlight. On the other hand, people have noticed that none of these girls are actually overweight and they look like average sized girls. There’s also been discontent over the promotion of the girls on social networking sites because many of their photos are of them posing with food, which you can view HERE.

Chubbiness will officially debut on the J-POP music scene sometime in March.

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE