The last time we checked, panda bears are not dogs, but a new batch of puppies in the Jiangsu Province in China is making us think otherwise. The three new 'panda dogs' were born last month in a litter of six, and look just like little panda bears. The pups are black and white with dark black circles around their eyes, just like those lovable bears.

The 'panda dogs' are a cute mixture of both mutt and pekingese, and if we start seeing the puppies eating bamboo we'll know for certain that these might just be pandas. For anyone who is skeptical of the 'panda dogs,' owner Shaojun Shi said that he has been asked if he dyed the dog's fur to give them the appearance of a panda bear but if he even attempted to do something like that, it would not look good.

Excuse me sir, are you a panda or a pup?

You guys are either pandas or just dogs wearing pirate eyepatches.