For all you hardcore Sailor Moon fans, maybe you shouldn't look at the photos at the end of this article. The voice behind Sailor Moon is a 46-year-old voice talent, and she's got fans talking about her face this time, not just her anime voice.

Kotono Mitsuishi is a veteran in the animation world, lending her voice to such characters as Tamako Nobi (Nobita's mom) in Doraemon, Misato Katsuragi in Evangelion, Boa Hancock in One Piece, and others. Her most recognized and famous voice is for that of Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon, which is widely recognized as one of the most successful animations in the history of Japanese television. Not many knew the woman behind the iconic character, but just recently, her photo and profile have been making the rounds on the internet, and Japanese Sailor Moon fans are reacting in a variety of ways.

At the peak of her career, some hardcore fans were already treating her like a star. That was a while ago, and she has resurfaced once again, to the delight of many current anime fans. Most everyone seems to be surprised at how pretty Usagi is. "She's so pretty," wrote one fan. "Can't believe she's 46!" Another wrote, "Beautiful. Perfect for Sailor Moon!" Another said, "I want to talk to her on the phone!" But of course, there are those who wish that her identity would have been kept secret, as knowing what the person behind your favorite anime character's voice looks like does seem to take away from their fantasies. To them, Usagi Tsukino (and other characters) are real, and once you have the process of how that character comes to life in your head, it's somehow no longer the same.

So, for those of you who are is the identity of Sailor Moon!

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