vi_crt_6 Say hi to Ddong Chimi (똥치미), a children's mascot from Korea that might just be the grossest kid's character ever. Ddong Chimi's main characteristics are his runny nose, prominent nipples, and the big brown pile of poop on his head. That last part is the most important. Ddong translates to "dung" in English, if you are very very polite. Google Translate is not that polite. Indeed, Ddong Chimi is mostly just thrilled about the agricultural properties of dung, as is shown by his best buddy Ddalki (a strawberry) and his enemy Ddongpari (a dung fly). Ddong Chimi is a creation of the SSamji company in Insadong, Korea. Here's Ddong Chimi just chillin' in his natural habitat. shit chimi on the toilet Ddong Chimis love company. shit chimi family This is Ddong Chimi's ideal relationship. shit chimi loves shit Ddong Chimi, what are you smiling for? shit chimi hanging out Ddong Chimi also has a surprise up his sleeve. I mean down his pants. shit chimi exposed Yup. That's real. no no no Believe it or not, Ddong Chimi has his own mini-theme park for kids. chit chimi poop backpack This is so gross... shit chimi hanging out Come on in! ddong chimi mouth Children slide around inside Ddong Chimi. ddong chimi slide Ride the Ddong Chimi train! shit chimi train When Jung Juha ate one of Ddong Chimi's Dung Buns (똥빵 - DdongPpang) on Infinite Challenge, the craze for Ddong Chimi brand treats reached a fever pitch! ddong chimi They come in all sizes. These are pretty cute! images Actually, these look really good.

20120825014726Cheers to Ddong Chimi!