Chinese romcom Love O2O has become a surprise hit on DramaFever with its cute college romance. Lead actress Zheng Shuang plays an online gamer whose superb skills attracts the attention of top gamer and campus heartthrob played by Yang Yang.  Although she is new to international fans here, the beautiful actress has starred in several romances with amazing leading men. There is one whom she loved in real life, one who married his other leading lady, another is a charismatic Korean star, and also one who is so popular that his fans might never allow him to marry. Find out more!

1. Zhang Han (aka Hans Zhang) - He and Zheng Shaung rose to fame in Let's Watch the Meteor Shower (2009) and the sequal Let's Watch the Meteor Shower Again (2010). The dramas are considered the Chinese version of Boys Over Flowers, with Zhang Han playing the leader of H4 (similar to Lee Min Ho being the F4 leader) and Zheng Shaung playing the girl who tames him.

The attractive couple acknowledged their dating relationship in 2013, but unfortunately they broke up in 2014.

2. Harwick Lau - The Chinese-Canadian actor based in Hong Kong co-starred with Zheng Shuang in Chronicle of Life (2016) and The Cage of Love (2015). Zheng Shuang plays Emperor Kangxi's true love in Chronicle of Life, and her character is the birth mother of 8th Prince, who is featured in Scarlet Heart.

In real life, Harwick married Les Interpretes's actress, Yang Mi, in 2014, and the couple have a 2-year-old daughter.

3. Jing Boran - The handsome singer-actor co-starred with Zheng Shuang in Love Through a Millennium (2015), the Chinese version of popular Korean drama Queen In Hyun's Man. In the drama, Jing Boran crosses 2,000 years from ancient China and meets a modern-day actress played by Zheng Shuang.

Interestingly, Jing Boran and actress Angelababy are currently starring in the movie version of Love 020, (aka Just One Smile is Very Alluring,) which was released on August 12, just 10 days before the TV drama went on air. Both productions have become very popular. 

4. Lee Jong Suk - The hot Korean actor from Pinocchio stars with Zheng Shuang in a period romance set in the 1930s, involving two young heirs who compete in business and fall in love. The Chinese-Korean joint production is slated to air in October 2016.

5. Yang Yang - We now come to Zheng Shuang's awesome leading man in Love O2O, also one of the fastest rising stars in China. With almost 25 million Weibo followers, he is so popular that 5,000 fans attended his recent 25th birthday party, which was live streamed to millions more fans online. 

Many Asian idols have either hidden their relationship or postponed marriages because of their fervent fandom. Even a rumor could become scandalous. F(x) Victoria Song (Ice Fantasy) recently had to firmly deny a rumored relationship with Yang Yang. Will Yang Yang be forced to stay single for the foreseeable future?

As for Zheng Shuang, her acting career is also looking bright with more projects underway. Let's hope we'll see more of her work soon.

In the meantime, if you haven't watched Love O2O, check it out. Join Xiao Nai (Yang Yang) and Bei Wei Wei (Zheng Shuan) on their journey from online gaming to a lovely romance.


Love O2O - 微微一笑很倾城

Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

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