VirusNo6 Mega Port is a music festival that takes place in Kaoshiung, Taiwan. Since its debut in 2006, it has been a gathering for all arts-lovers from around the island. The festival last weekend drew a record number of attendees, and is located in the Pier 2 Arts District. The event was also a protest the nuclear power plants in Taiwan. One of the highlights for me was the live painting event by graffiti crews Virus No. 6, DEBE from TwoMuchArtwork Studio and SINIC from IDT.KB. VIRUS NO. 6 released images on their official Facebook Page this weekend, showcasing the process of the piece. Take a look! MegaPortVirusNo6_01.jpg  MegaPortVirusNo6_04 MegaPortVirusNo6_07 MegaPortVirusNo6_013 MegaPortVirusNo6_009 MegaPortVirusNo6_01MegaPortVirusNo6_013 MegaPortVirusNo6_65 MegaPortVirusNo6_67 MegaPortVirusNo6_0100 MegaPortVirusNo6_01.jpg3 Here's a little info on the different members of the crew from the Mega Port Website: AMOSONE(VIRUS NO.6 CREW Started in 2003, he is into the Old School Style and has explored that extensively. In 2006 he and his crew formed VIRUS NO. 6. His logo is the BIG TEETH BEAR. BLACK (VIRUS NO.6 CREW) BLACK has been doing street art for eight years. Early on he was active in the scene in Taichung, Taiwan. Loves rock and roll music and street culture. Since 2006 he has been involved with VIRUS No. 6; earlier on he mainly explored darker, harsh lines. He incorporates musical and abstract elements into his work. He regularly collaborates with musicians. ZEMOK (VIRUS NO.6 CREW) ZEMOK has been active for about six years now, and is eager to keep improving. He is into the "Wild Style" word art and has been in exhibitions. DEBE (TwoMuch artwork studio) DEBE has been working since 2005, tagging in the WILD STYLE word art. She uses her name in bright colors and has been experimenting with other mediums. Drawing inspiration from music, DEBE uses colors and lines to bring a whimsical sensibility to street art. SINIC(IDT.KB) SINIC was born in Hong Kong and is a street artist. Active since 2000, SINIC has been working for more than 10 years. SINIC breaks artistic barriers by combing Eastern and Western Art, the "atmosphere" and the "form." SINIC has organized other exhibitions and publications including INVASION and AGN. SINIC has been recognized for his talent and has exhibited around the world. What do you think of their work? (sources:,,