Dear Rain, thank you for nominating your fangirl Megan Fox for the next ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Would you like to hear what she has to say? (Shh... you might not want your girlfriend Kim Tae Hee to see this video.) Let's just say, you'll like her response very much. Sincerely, your other fangirls at DramaFever.

Watch what Megan Fox said about Rain nominating her for the ice bucket challenge. Even better, she was in Seoul, Korea, for the premiere of her new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. Her remarks start at 1:00.

The beautiful actress first greeted her fans by saying:

Hello Korean fans, how are you? Good to see you. Thank you for coming out. I love you. I hope you'll love the movie.

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Here's what she said verbatim about being nominated by Rain for the challenge:

I heard about it today. Unfortunately, I'm sick so I can't do the ice bucket challenge right now, but I will donate and then do it in the future. And, if I weren't sick, my plan would have been to ask Rain to be the one that dumps a bucket of ice water on me, and I would have asked him to do that SHIRTLESS.

She then asked the audience for suggestions on where to visit and what to do in Korea to make her life 'a better and fuller experience.'