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1. CL's Signature Cat Eye

CL is the baddest female out there, and her amazing eyebrows and eyes just add to her fierceness! Her eyes have become such an iconic part of her look that there are several hundred tutorials online on how to get that perfect "CL cat-eye look." We just can't wait for her to bring that trend over here to the US! 

2. HyunA's Blood-Red Pout

HyunA has always been known for pushing boundaries, as well as for her sexy diva concept. One of her most popular looks was the concept for her album Red, which — true to its name — featured a pair of blood-red lips. The bright red color only brings out HyunA's already full lips, making her look more like a glam diva than ever.

3. F(x)'s Two Face

F(x) always had a great mix of edgy and cute, but with the release of "Red Light," they definitely went more edgy. And what better way to do that than a K-pop take on Two Face? We love the combination of hard and soft; vulnerability and strength, and that's why this look is just so signature of f(x) themselves!

4. SNSD's Sparkles

SNSD's "I Got A Boy" is iconic not just for its catchy tune, but also because the bright, colorful makeup and clothes the girls wear has emerged as a signature K-pop look! The girls' natural lip and cheeks make the sparkles around their eyes shine more and bring everyone's attention to their eye makeup, which is an achievement considering all the elements of the girls' fashion! 

5. Apink's Gradient Lip

Gradient lips are now a staple of Korean makeup, but combine that with some great gold eyeliner and just a hint of pink on the cheeks, and you've struck something special! This has been Apink's modus operandi since they debuted- — innocent, soft makeup with a hint of sass — and it's why they haven't changed their concept to date! We absolutely love the cute, innocent look the girls have and wouldn't change it for the world.

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