You're about to enter the world of Memory Lost, a drama with the perfect blend of mystery and romance. Here are a few reasons that will make the intriguing drama series an unforgettable experience. 

1. Amnesia on the double

Although amnesia is a frequent predicament when it comes to mysteries, both the leading characters in Memory Lost have memory loss. How did it happen? What is the connection between the two strangers? That's how the intense story begins, along with other suspenseful mysteries, that take you on a roller-coaster ride.

2. A mysterious crime ring made of handsome villains

Look for Zhang Yi Jie, the king from It's Not Easy Being King

(Sorry, I don't want to reveal all the villains here because figuring out their true identities is a big part of the intrigue and fun.)

3. Adapted from an amazing writer's book

The exciting crime thriller is written by Ding Mo, a popular crime novelist whose other books, When a Snail Falls in Love and Love Me If You Dare, were adapted into dramas that captivated many Chinese and international fans. 

In case you didn't know, Ding Mo (丁墨) is a female author whose name, Mo (墨), literally means "ink" in Chinese. She has said that she is inspired by true crime cases and her vivid imagination.

4. Expect great action scenes

The drama is co-directed by two strong directors: Li Dachao and Liang Qinxuan. Of particular note is director Li, who was once the martial arts trainer for famous Canadian star Keanu Reeves. He also won Best Action Choreography at Taiwan's prestigious Golden Horse Awards.

5. The suspenseful romantic mystery kept Chinese fans glued to the record-setting series with over 2.3 billion views. The series was just completed in December 2016, and all 36 episodes are coming to DramaFever.

Memory Lost will premier on DramaFever on Monday, October 9, with one new episode each weekday. Add it to your queue now to get first notification.


Memory Lost - 美人为馅

Starring Yang Rong and Bai Yu

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