The thrilling drama Memory Lost has captivated viewers with the leading couple's stirring romance that is shrouded in mystery. Have you ever wondered how many times the leading stars Yang Rong and Bai Yu kissed while filming? Someone actually counted! For the answer, and some other interesting tidbits, scroll down to reveal more:

1. Yang Rong plays an outgoing and kick-ass investigator. Did you know her real age is 36? (Bet you couldn't have guessed!) 

She is also said to be very quiet in real life, quite different from her on-screen persona.

2. Bai Yu first came to our viewers' attention in the popular campus romance Love O2O as Cao Guang, who failed to capture the leading lady's heart. He then played Cao Guang again in the movie version of Love O2O.

In the Love O2O movie, Cao Guang's virtual gaming world's avatar is the leading lady's (Angelababy) ex.

3. Yang Rong and Bai Yu not only speak with their own voices in the drama, they also sing the theme song, "Sleep Soundly." 

The song's title comes from the two leading character's names, and resonates with the theme of lost memories. For Han Chen's name, Chen (沉) means deep, while in Su Mian's name, Mian (眠) means sleep.

Here is the MV with English-subbed lyrics:

4. Bai Yu and Yang Rong have such undeniably high chemistry in Memory Lost that there are talks about their reel-to-real romance, but the stars have not confirmed nor denied. 

Their exhilarating performance won them the honor of Best Couple for a Web Series at the iQiyi All-Star Carnival, held in December 2016. Yang Rong also won Best Actress (Web Series) at the 2nd Asia New Media Film Festival, held in July 2017.

5.The couple kissed 86 times on screen, as counted by a Chinese news report.

Memory Lost is so popular that it has risen to be among the current most popular dramas, as ranked by DramaFever's exclusive Top 10 list.

If you've been waiting on the side to watch Memory Lost, now is the time to binge, because the fantastic mystery thriller has reached a "happy ending."


Memory Lost - 美人为馅

Starring Yang Rong and Bai Yu

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Memory Lost features many handsome actors among both the good guys and the villains. Who is your favorite? (Mine might just be Nan Fulong, who plays Poker Face.)

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