scarecrow_03_U_Ram_Choe I love U Ram Choe’s work. Based in Seoul, Choe’s work is known as kinetic sculpture and I could mix this with a nice track from Beach House and look at these amazing sculptures all day! Check out this interview on The Creators Project with the artist: Choe’s sculptures are alive, moving objects they're incredibly fascinating. Many of his themes explore religion, life, and technology. Here are some photos and videos of his creations: CustosCavum_01_U_Ram_Choe CustosCavum_02_U_Ram_Choe CustosCavum_03_U_Ram_Choe scarecrow_01_U_Ram_Choe scarecrow_02_U_Ram_Choe  Urbanus_Female_02_U_Ram_CHoe Urbanus_Female_U_Ram_CHoe But what really makes these sculptures come alive are the movements! Here are some videos: Scarecrow, 2012 by U-Ram Choe from U-Ram Choe on Vimeo. Custos Cavum, 2010 by U-Ram Choe from U-Ram Choe on Vimeo. What do you think about this work? Would you like to see this exhibition in person? (Source:,,