The biggest and most exciting headline news out of Asia this weekend was actually about Jerry Yan, the last single hottie from Taiwanese idol drama Meteor Garden, the first live-action Boys over Flowers adaptation that famously swept Asia and propelled its young actors into rising stars. Over the years, Jerry Yan's love life has stayed a hot topic, especially about his romance and subsequent break-up with Taiwan's supermodel Lin Chi-ling. Devoted fans may have just seen their reunion wish granted. What happened during their 40-hour date?

When the first fuzzy photo was released by the paparazzi, it instantly became viral.

It turned out that Jerry Yan was caught staying in the same hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with former girlfriend Lin Chi-ling, with whom he romanced over a decade ago.

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The secret rendezvous started with Lin Chi-ling visiting Kuala Lumpure for work on Friday, November 10, staying on after her work was completed. Then, Jerry Yan arrived at the Malaysian capital. Of course the paparazzi was onto them. 

Sure enough, the initial photo, although fuzzy, instantly caught fans' attentions and imaginations. Although her face wasn't shown because it was beneath a hat, the supermodel's famous long legs could be seen clearly. It appeared that she had picked up Jerry from the airport. According to the news, Jerry got out of the vehicle to retrieve his luggage and smiled at Ling Chi-ling, as the couple went into the Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur.

For the following 40-some hours, fans practically waited breathlessly for instant updates about the couple's possible reunion. It would be the first time that the two celebrities were seen together in public in 11 years, ever since they met on stage during an award event in 2006. 

At midnight, Saturday, Miss Lin posted a photo showing herself wearing a pretty gown and leaning against the bathroom counter. (Who took the photo?) 

A more satisfying confirmation emerged on Sunday, November 12, when Jerry's fan club posted a photo showing the couple visiting the hotel's gym. We still don't see a close up, but it unmistakably shows Jerry Yan standing next to Lin Chi-ling, with both wearing casual black for workout.

The celebrity couple's rendezvous has been labeled the "Reunion of the Century," rivaling Hong Kong star Nicholas Tse's fascinating reunion with former love, Chinese singer Fay Wong, a few years ago. While Chinese shoppers set a new sales record on Singles Day on Nov 11, and Asian leaders held an important meeting that was also attended by US President Trump, drama fans' attention was focused on the celebrity couple.

Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling's romance was revealed in 2003 when they were both models. They reportedly broke up in late 2005. Many fans have openly wished for their reunion, but the two celebrities were separately busy with careers and other unconfirmed romances. Finally, they appear to be ready to rekindle their romance. He is now 40 and she is 42. It's been reported that Jerry's mother has asked him to settle down. Earlier in May this year, when Jerry was asked about a possible reunion, he actually candidly replied, "It all depends on her." Since then, there has been no new development until now.

However, at the end of their 40-hour date, there is no official confirmation of their reunion yet. Lin Chi-ling has left for China and said through a close friend, "NOT YET, just get in touch." Jerry Yan, via his agency, said, "I'm very happy to get reconnected. We sincerely care about each other. Hope everyone will give us some space."

Fans are so impatient that they're now relying on psychics and fortune-tellers who are quick to oblige by issuing positive reads on the couple's future. One of them even predicts a flash wedding next February.

Come on! Just stay together already! 

Best wishes to Jerry Yan and Lin Chi-ling. May the lovers unite and live happily ever after!


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