Almost like a scene out of the popular drama series, My Love From Another Star, a meteor shower crossed the sky of South Korea earlier this month. As the value of the meteorites are worth more than gold, it has launched a national craze to find meteorite rocks.

After the meteor shower that occurred on March 9th, two big rocks were separately located on different days and were confirmed to be meteorite chunks by the Korea Polar Research Institute. The first rock weighed 9 kilograms (almost 20 pounds) and the second weighed 4 kilograms (almost 9 pounds.) After examining the two rocks, the Institute said they appeared to be from the same meteorite and, therefore, there should be other pieces in the nearby vicinity of Jinsu, where the rocks were found. Jinsu is in southern part of South Korea.

When news of these meteorite chunks were found, it started a craze. As the estimate value of the meteorite is worth 40 times the same weight in gold, people from afar are hurrying to the Jinsu area in Southern South Korea in the hopes of striking meteorite gold.

Furthermore, the meteorite rocks are the first to be found in South Korea in 71 years, and they hold significant cultural value for being so rare. In fact, when the news of US meteorite hunters coming to Jinsu spread, many discussions were created to designate the meteorite rocks as cultural assets to keep them in South Korea.