M.I.B boy band member Kangnam talked about his high school sweetheart, who is pursuing a career overseas in a recent interview on JTBC's TV program Inner Thoughts Salon. The MCs shared a photo of the "Say My Name" singer from his school days in Hawaii. He explained that his ex-girlfriend stayed in the USA and started her career in the entertainment field. 

"I was really popular. I dated a Korean girl from another school. She's a Hollywood star in America right now," he said about his former lady love, who is currently a model. 

Before making his surprising revelation, the hip-hop star who has Korean and Japanese heritage discussed his appearance and reputation as an adolescent. 

"This is when I weighed about 198 lbs in high school in Hawaii," the 27-year-old clarified about his childhood photo. The handsome star admitted that the photo was taken three days before he got expelled. MCs Yoon Jong Shin and Jin Joong Kwon said he resembled a 1980s Japanese singer and a servant of a gangster in movies. They continued teasing him by saying that gangster servant characters live the longest in films. 

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Kangnam plans to visit the school that expelled him very soon. His journey back to high school will be documented on JTBC's I'm Going To School this month.

Who do you think his famous high school sweetheart is? Also, would you have fallen for Kangnam in high school too? 

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