163525458   Each year at the Fotogramas de Plata Awards 2012, the best of the best in Spanish TV, movies, and theatre are awarded for their achievements. The event this year was held on March 11th in Madrid. Among those walking the red carpet was Best TV Actress winner Michelle Jenner, who won the award for her work in hit series Isabel. Jenner was bright in orange with her Elie Saab frock, gold Louboutin box clutch, and aqua Louboutin shoes. She matched the outfit with a light coral lipstick and similar orange-hued blush. 15egys8 Michelle+Jenner+Fotogramas+Awards+2013+v_MwdZO9Yjrl Fotogramas Awards 2013 163525485 Jenner's costar, Rodolfo Sancho (above with partner Xenia Tostado) who plays opposite to her in Isabel was also present, sporting his character King Ferdinand's scruffy beard. For his work in the hit drama, Rodolfo Sancho was nominated for the Best TV Actor award. The Spanish historical drama Isabel chronicles the reign of Queen Isabella I of Castille and her passionate struggle to protect her right to be Queen. The series spans from the end of her childhood to her marriage to Ferdinand II of Aragon, from 1461 to 1474. Watch the hit series for free right on DramaFever! How do you feel about Michelle Jenner's look? Are you liking her in Isabel so far?