Actor and model Kim Woo Bin is everywhere these days, including on middle school English exams!

A netizen recently uploaded a photo of an exam featuring questions about Kim Woo Bin. From the looks of the exam, the directions were to fill in the blanks in English with answers found in the profile written in Hangul about Kim Woo Bin.

Obviously this teacher is a fan, and I wouldn’t put it past him or her to include more Kim Woo Bin on the next exam. Also, whomever this middle schooler is has good handwriting and got the questions right. If you really think about it, what if this student was totally bombing on that exam and he or she needed to get the Woo Bin questions right in order to pass?! If the answers were wrong that kid would forever blame Kim Woo Bin for their fail and would totally despise him!

Who knew Kim Woo Bin could actually be a “life ruiner.”

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE