Drama veteran and occasional film star Kang Seong Yeon (Tazza, King and the Clown) takes the lead in New Wise Mother, Good Wife, a drama which explores the changing lives of women in modern-day society. Kim Ho Jin (Two Wives) is Yeon's career-driven husband, while Kim Tae Yeon (All In) is her rival and counterpart, the ultimate "modern" woman who has a successful career and fame as a writer. Kim Nam Jin (Fly High) also co-stars as her love interest, a much younger man. Edgy in concept and well-developed, this drama traces the story of one brave woman who must reevaluate her life and marriage in the face of traditional expectations and values. Guk Hee (Kang Su Yeon) has never questioned her path in life. Married to her college sweetheart, she has always devoted herself to being a good wife and a good mother. Now, in her thirties, she begins to question her choices in life, particularly with her workaholic husband Myung Pil (Kim Ho Jin) ignoring her and her emotional needs. Myung Pil, a successful journalist, is secretly going through a similar crisis. For both the entrance of a new person into their life will prove the catalyst for a testing of all they cling to and hold dear. Myung Pil meets the girl he loved when he was younger but was never good enough for, still charming and beautiful as she ever was, while Guk Hee is drawn to a college student who recognizes her loneliness. Both, caught in the emotional desolation of mid-life, reach out, but will their desires make them lose everything they already have? Watch New Wise Mother, Good Wife on DramaFever!