Mike Pichaya of the Thai pop duo Golf & Mike has completed his 10-day ordination as a Buddhist monk. The other half of the duo, his brother Golf, wrote an explanation of what was happening on his Instagram.

Golf wrote the following: “For international fans who may not understand what’s going on...Mike is having ordination which is very common in Thai culture that the son will do ordination for their parents and that brings a good things in life for him and his family and parent will be very proud and it’s the most happiest moment of their life that their son do this for them...so don’t worry nothing bad is happening.....I speak out for Mike since he will not be able to use mobile phone or social network as because he is a Monk now.....For 10 days he will be back because of work....So pray for him!!! Am so sad I didn’t get to go because of shooting in Japan:/ Anyway I am also happy to see his photo from here. That it makes me tear when I saw it T.T love u my bro.”

Mike entered Wat Phatcharakitiyabharam in Nong Bua Lumphu province on October 22, taking on the name “Nithi-Wangso.”

Before going through the process, the monk-to-be has to have his hair shaved. The first hair trim is done by the parents, a senior relative, or a highly regarded monk. All facial hair is removed, including the eyebrows.

Of the occasion, Golf wrote, “So happy to get a blessing from my little brother. Once in a life time I have a chance to be with him as a monk....!!”

In this photo, Princess Bajrakitiyabha is seen offering a set of monk's robes and a souvenir-bag to Monk Nithi-Wangso at the end of the Buddhist lent.

After monkhood, Mike went straight to China for his scheduled work activities.

Congratulations to Mike for completing the traditional ordination to bring merit to his family!  

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