Chinese millionaire Yu Youzhen owns 17 flats and can easily sit around and let it rain, but instead of pampering herself and her family, she works as a street cleaner to teach her children the virtue of hard work.

Yu Youzhen started off as a vegetable farmer toiling the fields and hauling heavy loads of produce on her back to the daily markets. In the 1980s, Communist China allowed peasants to start businesses, so Yu and her husband saved enough money to build three five-story village houses for lease and rent. They played their cards right and increased their numbers to own 21 properties before selling four flats.

Now she is a millionaire, but she says, “I want to be a role model for my son and daughter. I don’t want to sit around idly and eat away my fortune… I am not a cultured person, but I always feel I need to be doing something.” Yu took a job street cleaning for the Wuchang District Urban Management Bureau. Despite her wealth, she still insists on waking up at the break of dawn six days a week to sweep, scrub, and empty bins along a two-mile stretch of busy road in the city of Wuhan to be her children's role model.