Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 4.14.45 PM The futuristic Mico headphones from Japanese company Neurowear will make your wildest fantasy come true—that's if your fantasy is to have mind-reading headphones. Imagine you had a really long day in school and you just want to take a long walk and listen to some sad Korean ballads from your favorite drama, but you're too sad to shuffle through your iTunes to find that perfect song for your personal OST. How about, the weekend is here and you need that upbeat song to liven your mood and get you pumped for the weekend. Wouldn't it be nice if your iPod could pick the right song before the mood is gone? The mind reading-headphones from Neurowear analyze brainwaves to detect how you're feeling, then connects to the Mico database through the iPhone application which selects the song that fits your current mood! If the song doesn't fit your mood anymore, just shake the phone so that the data can be cleared and the sensor can re-scan your brain. The headphones also come with built-in LED indicators that display your mood through icons that show your mood to everyone around you. For now there's a 'zzz' for when you're drowsy, an 'x' when you're stressed and an exclamation mark when you're focused. There are only two prototypes out right now and this is what the headphones look like: While I am all for a device that can automatically pick up on what kind of music I'm in the mood for, I do have a few issues with it as well. First of all, the headphones are really bulky and the forehead sensor looks a little awkward. Secondly, I like to listen to sappy, emo music even when I'm in a happy mood. How will the headphones deal with that? The prototype headphones are currently being shown at trade shows and seem to be gaining attention and even winning over skeptics. Watch the demo video below: We've all wished for something like this in our moments of laziness, but would you buy the Mico Mind-Reading Headphones?  What do you think of this innovative idea? (Source: