SHINee’s Back! K-POP Idol group SHINee is gearing up for another come back with their title track Everybody, and with each comeback there are teaser pictures and here’s Minhos! SHINee’s “flaming charisma” looks so handsome and fierce; these photos are definitely print worthy! Get the special “glossy” paper out and get ready!

Notice the gorgeous jaw line and guy liner. The inside of his lower lash line is rimmed in white. His cheek bones and lips are just everything and more! This photo is just so pretty. Manly + Pretty = MINHO!

This is one the best uniforms I've ever seen! Candy apple red and all patent leather fitting perfectly in the shoulders. I can't even get over the high-fashion model gaze he's giving with the contoured cheeks and lush eyebrows! *cries in a corner*

For more Minho eye candy be sure to set your new episode alerts for the upcoming K-Drama Medical Top Team where Minho plays a young doctor! Set your alerts by clicking HERE!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE