Tattoos may not be so permanent after all. A 27-year-old PhD candidate in pathology at a university in Canada has invented a cream that, over time, can painlessly and permanently remove tattoos for good.

Alec Falkenham, who is going for his doctorate in pathology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, claims that he's developed a cream that can remove tattoos, a lot cheaper and with a lot less effects on the skin than the conventional method of laser removal. Many people get tattoos and regret them, just like Falkenham did pretty much right after he got his first one. But because of the high cost of getting tattoos removed, he, like so many, just had to tolerate the ink on his skin and live with the decision that he made when he was younger. The difference with Falkenham and others who have regrettable tattoos is that he's a scientist, and his interest in tattoos in general led him to study and figure out how they actually worked on a cellular level. He figured out that by targeting tattoo-pigmented cells only, without affecting healthy skin cells, he could remove the ink while eliminating damage to the skin.

Falkenham is currently working on getting a patent on this cream, and positive results have so far been attained only in mice. If the cream ends up working on human skin, which he is confident it will, the days of getting an embarrassing tattoo of your college sweetheart who's now married with three kids and having to live with it forever may finally be over.

Alec Falkenham

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Tattoo scientist hard at work