We're coming down to the wire now, folks. Our OTP is fighting their hardest, but danger is around every corner. Can Yeon Hee manage to stop Hong Joo and light all the candles in time? Or will the curse claim more of the people she holds dear? Join Tiara, DeShonda and Firnlambe as they discuss what happens in episodes 17 & 18 of Mirror of the Witch.


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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Firnlambe: Would it be frowned upon if I strangled Yeon Hee?

Tiara: Since she’s the lead female, I would say yes.

DeShonda: Yes, I’m pretty sure that would not set well with some.

Firnlambe: booooo! Her character keeps making stupid choices though. I don’t think I could have silently screamed at my computer, at 2am in the morning, more than I did when she played right to Hong Joo’s tune and used her powers in front of God and everyone.

Tiara: It’s one of the problems I’ve been having towards these later episodes. The drama is becoming very frustrating to watch. Yeon Hee using her powers is just one of my problems this week. Why wasn’t Hong Joo’s stormtroopers rounded up and put in jail? Why haven’t they jailed Hyun Seo? He’s clearly playing on the Darkside of the force. Grrr!!!!!

DeShonda: Exactly! The choices that Yeon Hee made this week were not good ones at all. I had the same questions you did Tiara because clearly all of them should have been jailed.

Firnlambe: Or...OR the fact that the last page of the curse book wasn’t burned on sight. Seriously, common sense people. If it’s something vital you need to accomplish your goal, but you don’t want it falling into enemy hands . . . commit it to memory

Tiara: OMG Firnlambe you’re so right. Speaking of Joon’s fate after the curse, what was with the two beat with the Queen Dowager and Poong Yeon, both asking about him staying away from the Princess after the curse is broken? News Flash, we got what 4 or 5 candles to light and what less than 10 days. I think we should worry about Joon’s fate after the candles have been taken care of.

DeShonda: Absolutely Firnlambe! The last page of the book should have been burned right then and there. And we do need to worry about Joon after all the candles are lit.

Firnlambe: I have to admit--even though it was incredibly stupid and toootoally in the heat of the moment, I loved the part where Yeon Hee thinks she has nothing left to lose and Hong Joo sees the hand maid with shamaness powers all over again.

Tiara: That was the best part of this week's episodes. I adored the part where Hong Joo tries to manipulate Yeon Hee with her secret birth about her mother. I loved when Yeon Hee tells her why do I have to take on your revenge. Hahaha! There still some characters who won’t go to the Darkside for cookies. I do wonder if her powers come from her mother and not the curse at all.

DeShonda: That was my favorite scene in this week’s episodes as well. I was once again on the edge of my seat wondering what Yeon Hee would do. It may have been stupid, but it was necessary. Yeon Hee is fed up and rightfully so.

Firnlambe: Poor girl just can’t catch a break. Now who’s going to place bets with me that the seal she received from Hyun Soo will save Yeon Hee from Poong Yeon’s evil spirit flames?

Tiara: Not taking that bet because you’re probably right. Haha!

DeShonda: I think you are spot on with that prediction.

Firnlambe: I do have my predictive moments. Hopefully I’m not wrong, because I can’t really see how else she’ll be saved. Unless Joon swoops in all Robin Hood style and carries her off into the forest again.

Tiara: I think it’s a safe bet that will protect her from the Heavenly Flames. However, once the seal is broken, Joon is going to start hurting and Yeon Hee will become the witch everyone thinks she is. Maybe she can help the cries of the people and have a candle be lit by them for saving the day.. We’re starting to run out of characters as they’re being killed off or becoming zombies. Can we just blame the King for listening and letting the monster out? The Smartest King Ever … not.

DeShonda: I think it would be fair to blame the King.

Firnlambe: Can I pleeeeease please pleeeease strangle this character?

Tiara: Only if I can join?

DeShonda: I second that.

Firnlambe: WHOO imaginary strangle party! Seriously this King is making me sick with frustration.

Tiara: He may have been freed of the dark magic whispering bad thoughts but I’m beginning to think these thoughts were always there. Instead of listening to Joon and finding a true solution to the problem and be a good ruler, he’s blaming the Princess because the people do. Grrr!!! Can we dumped this King and elected a new one?

DeShonda: I completely agree. Just when I thought he had turned over a new leaf after he was cured.

Firnlambe: He had such great potential to be an epic example of character redemption. He started off sort of as an ‘eh’ character, which led into a poorly led man-child who doesn’t know any better, into this man who has seen the error of his choices and seemingly tries to fix things . . . . but then we end up with the man-child again. Only this time he’s throwing a temper-tantrum and the whole country is going to pay for it. //gares a the writers// We could have had such awesome bromance scenes between him and Joon! Why would you take that hope away from us?!?

Tiara: Who knows maybe he will listen to Joon and Make Joseon Great Again?

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