Welcome to the first  Mirror Of The Witch recap! Join Firnlambe, Tiara and I  as we discuss the first four episodes of this exciting drama and get to know the characters. It's definitely off to an adventurous start! 


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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Episodes 1 & 2:

Firnlambe: Ok I know I joke about Joseon Black Magic in my other DCs but this was ridiculous.

Tiara: I can’t tell you ladies how much I love the first two episodes. It’s dark, creepy, and scary. The look of the drama is beautiful in a eerie twisted way.

DeShonda: I am also enjoying this drama so far because it is very scary. I am also enjoying the characters so far.

Firnlambe: So let's go over how evil our evilest evil ladies rock being evil….shall we? Grandma is obviously not against utilizing the dark arts to get what she thinks her family deserves. Not only did she utilize our leading mistress of the dark arts 5 years prior, simply to throw her son onto the throne, she forces said son to bed with a poor little innocent shaman just so our barren queen is able to “conceive”.

Tiara: Dear old Grandma is so evil she wants to watch her son do the deed with his wife. *Yuck* Apparently having sex with a king isn’t a private thing at all. Hae Ran is such an innocent in this whole mess. I can’t say I blame her for getting super pissed and turning a bit to the darkside. Hong Joo, our evil Shaman, the Queen, and Grandma used her body, betrayed her trust, and killed her family. Is it bad to think she had a right to revenge?

DeShonda: I was disturbed to hear that the Grandma wanted to watch. That was one of many things that was creepy. But you are so correct Tiara, Hae Ran is innocent and I felt so sorry for what she had to go through. If I were in her position, I would get revenge too.

Firnlambe: You know what was suuuuper creepy?!?! The baby pregnancy ghost. That thing had to be one of the creepiest ghosts to ever grace a Kdrama in a long time. And I’m not talking about how it caused Hae Ran to get possessed, acquire all the creepy bruises she could handle and then break a fingernail . . . no, I’m talking about that sick giggle/laugh/scream thing it does. //shudder//

Tiara: It seems like Hong Joo maybe a Red Priestess on top of being Shaman with her Shadow Baby Monster. It was certainly creepy, but I still find the ghosts in the Master’s Sun downright unsettling. The flying around was an astonishing special effect, but I had to look away when her nail broke. Nope I can’t do that …

DeShonda: The pregnancy ghost was very scary to me as well. As you mentioned Firnlambe, it has been a long time since I have seen something this scary in a K Drama before, so it definitely held my attention and make me wonder what was going to happen next. But when I am watching something scary and the characters start to levitate, I’m running and hiding. It reminds me of a movie I saw when I was younger and that just creeps me out big time.

Firnlambe: I have to admit . . . right until she skewered Hae Ran with the dagger I still felt a small little twinge of pity for our barren Queen. She looked like her conscious was really trying hard, but then . . . //stab// . . . the pillows flew and screaming ensued over in Firnlambe land.

Tiara: Totally with you, Firnlambe. I too was right there with you about the Queen until the crap hit the fan. However, the children are not genetically the Queen’s children. She may have birth them, but she basically a surrogate. Those are technically Hae Ran and the King’s children. I guess she cursed the children not to have to live in with these horrible people. Why she waited until they were 17 is beyond me? It’s a very fairy tale thing to do.

DeShonda: You are correct Tiara, these are not the Queen’s children genetically. And Hae Ran was just a surrogate. But I was also wondering why she would wait until the children turned 17 as well. Maybe because they are closer to becoming adults perhaps.

Firnlambe: Well if they didn’t last until they reached 17 we would be graced with a very short series. Ok one last thing about the ghost/black magic deal. Anyone else amused during the whole “protect Hae Ran” bit? Their shields and moon powers cause me to snigger a bit.

Tiara: It was actually the Queen they were protecting at the time. (F: My bad) I really liked the scene. There was an intensity with the over voice about the dream of the black shadow the Queen had at the beginning of the episode. Of course, the Shadow was going to get through because it was already prophesied with the dream, but it sure got me on the edge of my seat with nail biting.

Firnlambe: Ok well enough about all the scary stuff . . . I want to talk about the fun things that happened in these episodes. Like seeing Yoon Si Yoon in Joseon era drag. Talk about cracking up a storm.

DeShonda: I loved seeing Yoon Si Yoon in Joseon drag. I adore him so very much and I fell out of my chair I was laughing so much. After all of the scary, I needed that laugh.

Tiara: Joon is such a scammer and I love his rogue personality. The whole scene at the palace sneaking in as a women and conning the shamans with an “magical” elixir had me on the floor laughing. It’s official ladies, I’ve fallen for another male lead. *wink*

Firnlambe: My favorite part though what when he was running away from the normal guards and then ran into Evil Mistress and her minions . . . but instead of getting caught by them, Joon is able to evade them with surprising ease.

DeShonda: That was my favorite part as well Firnlambe. Joon got himself out of that situation very easily.

Tiara: I really like that scene too, but did anyone else find Evil Mistress expression towards Joon odd? She seemed unsure about him. It was like she was a little unsettle where to place him.

Firnlambe: I did see that she gave him a peculiar look, maybe she was able to sense some future danger to her plans from his aura? I don’t know, but she let him off the hook really quick so there has to be something she isn’t letting on about him.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth ladies. I noticed the Evil Mistress expression to Joon as well. And I have a feeling that there is something about him that she knows because she did let him off very easy. I wonder what she has on him?

Tiara: I guess we’ll have to wait to get those answers. I really want to talk about how awesome the Black Forest happens to be. I really want a tiger as a protector. Anyone else with me?

Firnlambe: Dude that tiger was badass. I’m glad the show and enough money to make it seem more believable than other animated animals I’ve seen in Kdramas. . . I’m looking at you--Hyde, Jekyll and I’s Gorilla.

DeShonda: Oh I loved that scene! The Black Forest is amazing and I would love to have the tiger by my side without a doubt. I was happy that the tiger was more believable as well.

Tiara: Hahahaha! You’re right, Firnlambe. However there was more wrong about Hyde, Jekyll and I than the Gorilla. Moving along, I love our spunky princess, Yeon Hee. I mean best way to introduce our leading girl whacking our lead in the face with a metal lid.

Firnlambe: Tangled anyone? Seriously the pop culture reference were strong in these episodes. We have Tangled with how Joon is knocked out and tied up, and then the writers were even able to sneak in a Harry Potter reference when Hong Joo (Evil Mistress) claimed that she and Yeon Hee were bound by a “if one lives the other must die” mentality.

DeShonda: I love Yeon Hee and the actress who is portraying her is one of my favorites. I instantly thought of Tangled and Harry Potter when watching those scenes Firnlambe. I am happy I was not the only one who caught those references.

Tiara: I know the big controversy is the age difference between Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon. I have to admit when thinking she’s actually 15, it makes me squirmy. I normally don’t have an issue when it comes to big age gaps if the actor/actress are not considered a minor. Yet, she’s the right age for the part and the two have great chemistry together. It’s very conflicting.

Firnlambe: OMG I was going to say something else in regards to the age gap but then you mentioned chemistry, and it instantly reminded me of Yeon Hee’s atrocious attempts at winking. How adorable was Sae Ron in that moment?! I mean seriously. Too cute. //deep breath// ok back to the age thing, I feel like we are going to be graced with smushed lip syndrome for any and all kisses our OTP partake in. Which will be fine, but I also feel like Kim Sae Ron was the right choice in casting.

DeShonda: I believe lately there has been this issue in K Dramas with age differences between younger actresses and older actors. I personally do not see a problem with the age difference between Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon. They are both very good actors and I also like the chemistry they have between them. For some reason, I don’t think they will partake in any lip action any time soon, but I could be wrong. I will cross that bridge when I get to it.

Tiara: It’s so hard to not consider them an OTP because of the fact she’s a minor. I really like the characters and their interaction together. I adore the flirting wink Sae Ron tried towards Joon. If we get any lip action, I get the feeling it will be a fake lip action like You’re Beautiful between Uee and Jang Keun Suk’s characters. We’ve got time, but first we got to get the second lead out of the way.

Firnlambe: I believe the Kdrama sickness you are referring to is called Smushed Lip Syndrome, and if that isn’t the official title for the moment two characters simply press their lips together in one super awkward moment . . . it should be.

Episode 3 & 4

Tiara: We’re introduced to Joon’s mom who’s a servant in Joon’s half brother’s house. It’s not secret or surprise Lady Sohn isn’t a fan of either parent or child. I did have to chuckle at the fortune Lady Sohn got about Joon would consume her son. Of course he will, he’s got a princess in his back pocket. ^-^

DeShonda: Oh i was laughing when Lady Sohn made that comment as well. And you are so very right Tiara, he does have a princess right by his side.

Firnlambe: Those are my thoughts exactly. As soon as that fortune was told, my thoughts were immediately along the same line as you two. That being said, I am exceptionally annoyed with Lady Sohn. It's not the fault of Joon’s mother that his father decided to knock her up.

Tiara: Lady Sohn has a lot of jealousy towards Joon’s Mom. Joon is way smarter than his brother and this must worry her as well. It’s sweet he’s conning people out of their money to buy his mother out of her slave contract. Yet, it’s making Lady Sohn and his brother nervous.

DeShonda: I agree Tiara, Joon is very smart and I it is a very sweet gesture to try and help his mother. He loves his mother a lot and is sticking by her so I can understand his conning ways. However, it is making Lady Sohn and his brother worry a lot.

Tiara: There’s no love between brothers either. When Ok embarrassed Joon by throwing money at him, it was really heartbreaking. He has pride, but in the face of getting his mom free he’ll do anything. Such a devoted son which is clear Lady Sohn is going to kill his mom. All superheros seem to lose their parents to motivate them.

DeShonda: It’s so obvious these brothers are not getting along at all. That scene you mentioned between Ok and Joon was heartbreaking to watch. I thought Joon was going to hit him actually and I could tell he wanted to. I predict that Lady Sohn will kill his mom as well which, as you mentioned, will motivate him even more.

Firnlambe: I felt more pity for Joon during the scene where he thought his mother was being beaten. That had much more impact on me than him having money thrown at his feet. I also really hope all of our predictions are wrong and Mom survives this ordeal.

Tiara: Switching gears, Hyun Seo and his team are researching how to break the curse. I adorable Hyun Seo. He adopted Yeon Hee right from the start and protected her. Sure it was kind of a command, but let’s be honest the Taoist Master would’ve have done it without it. I’m wondering if there will be more information how “magic” works in this world. It might give us some more light onto the curse.

DeShonda: I adore Hyun Seo as well and I love how he is protecting Yeon Hee as well. I was wondering how they are going to break the curse, but we don’t know just yet about the “magic.” Hopefully in future episodes we will learn more about this “magic” and hopefully find a way to break the curse.

Firnlambe: Hyun Seo is a great character. He can hold his own against Evil Mistress and it seems like there is more to their backstory than what has been shown to us. I’m really sad he won't be around any longer. He and the others helping him are great.

Tiara: I mean Hyun Seo and his team Indiana Jones around in a temple and found a book. I’m hoping this will be the key to help break the curse, whatever it is. Speaking of the curse, I thought Evil Mistress took the original curse on both children and double cursed Yeon Hee. Shouldn’t it not effect the Crown Prince, technically speaking.

DeShonda: It’s funny that you mentioned “Team Indiana Jones” because I instantly thought the same thing while watching that scene. And yes I hope that will help break the curse as well. Technically, I the curse should not effect the Crown Prince I don’t think as what you mentioned is very true, Yeon Hee is double cursed. See this is where learning about how the black magic works would be helpful.

Firnlambe: Ha! Team Indiana Jones, such an appropriate name for them. As for this curse, I’m not even going to attempt to figure it out without all the pieces of the puzzle.

Tiara: The curse Hae Ran original put on the children was “they will die on their seventeen years old. However, if they escape death, the curse would forever hold as the people they love and the people who love them will die.” It’s clear why Poong Yeon is effect as he loves the princess. (Side note, is it wrong to say he deserve it for taking Yeon Hee away from her protection?) The Crown Prince is “sick” while Yeon Hee is scared but otherwise okay.

DeShonda: As far as Poong Yeon being effected with the curse, It’s not wrong at all to think he deserves what he is getting. However, I do kind of feel bad for him at the same time because he is “sick.”

Tiara: I guess I’m annoyed with Hyun Seo not explaining things clearer with Poong Yeon. Maybe if he understood the danger of the curse, he wouldn’t have done a stupid thing. Yet it amusing me his curse is a good repellent for seconds leads to say unromantic towards the lead. ^-^

Firnlambe: Yes!!! Him not explaining why he is doing what he is doing has caused everyone so much more heartbreak.

DeShonda: Now I agree that Hyun Seo should have been clearer with Poong Yeon. Ha ha...you are so correct about the curse as a repellent. I never thought of it that way honestly but that’s a good observation Tiara.

Tiara: With the curse finally in effect, Evil Mistress now knows Hyun Seo didn’t kill the princess. I think I now know why she looked at Joon in episode 2. Her conversation with Hyun Seo really shed some light. She was born with nothing and was used and trampled on by the rich. She may see herself a bit in that moment with Joon. It makes our Evil Mistress a bit sympathetic, but her ends don’t justify the means.

DeShonda: Yes I think I know why the Evil Mistress looked at Joon as well. At that moment when she was talking to Hyun Seo it did make me feel sorry for her, but she is a force to be reckoned with for sure. I really want to find out more about the Evil Mistress’s backstory.

Firnlambe: How you two can see that in the brief glimpse towards Joon is beyond me. Weeelll slight lie, I can kinda see how you reached that conclusion.

Tiara: I’m right there with you DeShonda. It will be interesting see the reasons for joining the Darkside (besides the cookies). I really hope Hyun Seo isn’t dead. Come on Drama, he’s on the poster. You can’t kill him. It’ clear Joon is totally okay with the foreshadowing with the piece of the magical shield he was carry. I’m down with an Lord of the Rings adventure with Joon and Yeon Hee on the search for breaking the curse.

This drama has gotten off to a great start! What do you all think of the first four episodes? Who is your favorite character so far? What do you think of the story?  We would love to hear from you so leave a comment below.


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