Ok, Charlatans, who's ready to start getting some answers? Character development is abundant and the curse/talisman lines have shifted. And as an added bonus, certain answers that we've been dying to know are finally starting to become clear. Join DeShonda, Tiara and Firnlambe as they discuss the way plot lines start shifting during episode 11 and 12 of Mirror of the Witch.


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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Firnlambe: So I feel like this week was filled with bitter-sweet moments. Joon is officially cursed due to his protective shield breaking, Hyung Seo has died--only to be brought back to “life” through shady black magic means and Poong Yeon is still blissfully unaware that his second in command is really a traitor who can’t hammer down her loyalties.

Tiara: There is at least some good news out of the horrible. Yeon Hee is her own shield. But you’re right about all the sadness. Zombie Dad is just down right wrong, but my dark side is gleeful.

DeShonda: I agree Tiara, at least we did get some good news out of everything that happened this week. But I am happy about Yeon Hee protecting herself.

Firnlambe: Yes! So glad at least Yeon Hee is finally able to take charge of her own fate and was able to secure a personal shield. I only wish this had been thought of sooner, but I’m nitpicking--and this drama is too good overall to sit and nitpick all of the little nuances. I’m really looking forward to how she is going to handle things now that she is in the palace. Things are going to get super tense right at the beginning next week, I can feel it in my fangirl bones.

Tiara: Palace politics are going to be so much fun to watch next episode. I’m glad to see Yeon Hee accept her place at the end of this week’s episodes. It was really heartbreaking to see Hyung Seo step away from the girl he raised like his daughter. My heart strings were being pulled when he addressed her as princess. She’s not a child anymore as her innocence have been ripped to pieces.

DeShonda: I am looking forward to Yeon Hee being in the palace and I wonder what will happen as well. I agree Tiara, it was very sad when Hyun Seo called her princess as opposed to his daughter. That scene was a little heartbreaking for me.

Firnlambe: That was indeed sad to see, but it helped (mentally) put her in her place. Yes she always thought of him as a father, but from what I can tell he never truly acted “fatherly” to her...and I think that helped with the transition as well. Personally I was also very saddened that Joon’s idiot brother is being given this HUGE opportunity to move up the social ladder now that Poong Yeon has been removed from his post.

Tiara: Ugh … I was hopping the King would’ve just gone mad and taken his head. I was really hoping and praying to the KDrama gods for my wish. Sadly, the King gave him a mission. Boo! I guess we can only hope he steps on the wrong person's toes. Maybe Hong Joo can turn him into a toad.

DeShonda: Don’t get me started about Heo Ok. When he was appointed to his new position I was annoyed. I have a feeling he is going to get what’s coming to him sooner or later. I like your theory of Hong Joo turning him into a toad Tiara.

Firnlambe: Wouldn’t that be the best thing ever . . . in the process of him trying to complete the King’s mission he pisses off Hong Joo. I really shouldn’t wish poorly on the stupid, but when the stupid is as bad as him there is only so much forgiveness I can give.

Tiara: I do have to nitpick Yeon Hee. Sure Poong Yeon is like family, but it’s probably not a good idea to invite everyone to your secret cave which is protecting you. She doesn’t know Sol Gae, but allowed the bodyguard to tag along. I don’t understand. I’m glad that someone is putting the puzzle pieces together there’s a mole. Thank you Joon for figuring out she’s more than what she seems.

DeShonda: Yes! I was so happy that Joon is finding out who Sol Gae really is. The scene when Joon was confronting her was great. She was trying to run away, but he would not let her slide at all. I am looking forward when he completely exposes her dirty laundry.

Firnlambe: OMG yes!!! Like seriously? What could possibly be going through Yeon Hee’s head at times? My conclusion is . . . nothing. The girl doesn’t think about her safety at all. I agree that Joon will totally save the day. He was already suspicious of Sol Gae when he found her bleeding, but the way Joon was just pressuring her at the end was priceless. I really hope he is able to bring her treatory to the surface soon.

Tiara: Joon being attached to the curse and no protection against it was really surprising to see the drama make that twist. It’s the right choice for the story. The difference between Joon and Poong Yeon facing off with the curse is telling. Poong Yeon doesn’t believe the “evil” is her, but Joon maybe scared (hello ghost episode) yet he can see past the curse. I was impressed with Joon before hand, but it was when he grabbed her hand and asked her not to leave had my heart melting.

DeShonda: I was surprised at the twist as well, but I believe it’s definitely the right direction for the story to go in. I absolutely loved that scene when he asked her not to leave. I thought that was the sweetest thing.

Firnlambe: I don’t know what I was thinking Poong Yeon saw when looking at Yeon Hee, but I was NOT expecting a ghost to just be chilling behind her. Do you think that it was Kim Sae Ron in makeup? Or is it supposed to just be a random ghost? I couldn’t really tell from the brief glimpse we had of her.

Tiara: It’s totally her. I don’t think they see a ghost behind her. I think they see the ghost as her. Poong Yeon doesn’t want to believe she is that monster/demon/ghost. He doesn’t realize she is no longer that little girl in the forest who was clueless. She’s changed, but mostly she grown up. She’s a princess who is cursed and people have died and those she love will die. She can’t be the Yeon Hee from before. For Poong Yeon sake, if he can’t her and not his vision of her he will lose what's left of a relationship he has with her.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Tiara. I also believe it’s her as well and for the same reasons you mentioned above. Very good summary my friend.

Firnlambe: While on the topic of character development. I’m loving that Queenie is really making an effort to correct her wrongs. The scenes with the Palanquin chase and then the conversation with between the Queen and Hong Joo were hysterical! It’s nice when you see a character start out innocent--makes a very poor choice in the heat of the moment--but then is humble enough to see that they are wrong and try to fix things. This is saying a lot from me, because I was so sure I would hate her character until the end of the whole show.

Tiara: The Dowager Queen is turning into one of my favorites. I’m with you Firnlambe about the face off between Hong Joo and the Queen. It was so polite, but the undertones had bite. I too am glad to see the character growth of the Queen. I just hope the current King can get with the program about Hong Joo before his body is overtaken by the body snatchers.

Yeon Hee has finally embraced her inner princess, while her adoptive father has been zombified. What's a girl to do? Will Yeon Hee ever be able to truly hold her own in the lion's den? Will her "someone who truly loves her" finally light the last candle and break the curse? Or is she doomed to a life of misery whilst watching her loved ones die one by one. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below and we'll see you next week ^-^

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