Welcome to the Game, Charlatans, for week 7's power struggle for the Phoenix Throne. A princess has finally claimed her title while she gears up for another skirmish. A shaman’s powers gets weaker, but she’s got a few tricks up her sleeves. A knight loses his way in the darkness, while a King is finally starting to see the monsters in the dark. A mother finally gets to protect both her children, and another candle has been lit. The stars are falling, a heart is breaking, and time is slowing running out. Come join Firnlambe, DeShonda, and I, Tiara, as we analyze the politics, the manipulation, and the juicy new turns of events in this week's episodes of Mirror of the Witch.


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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Tiara: We’ve just entered the game of politics and magic. I’m loving every second of this new arena. Yeon Hee is no longer hiding in her batcave but taking the fight to our Mistress of Evil. It’s great to see her finally be able to claim her rightful place as princess.

DeShonda: Yes indeed Tiara. I am so happy that Yeon Hee is in the palace and facing off with Hong Joo. Those scenes between the two of them had me on the edge of my seat. Hong Joo is getting more manipulative with our characters this week.

Firnlambe: Yeon Hee in the palace kicking butt is awesome, I just hope she is able to muddle her way through everything without somehow dying. I mean, all of those falling stars certainly do not bode well for her. Not to mention dear ol’ dad becoming all evil.

Tiara: Hyun Seo is just a zombie and a shell of a man he used to be which is just sad. I’m hoping Yeon Hee is able to break the dark magic to let his soul finally rest. Hong Joo’s desperation to keep the man she loves just sickens me. I think more so with Poong Yeon mirroring his desire to have Yeon Hee. Apparently there is a cure for Second Lead Syndrome and this drama just gave it to me.

DeShonda: It’s sad that Hyun Seo is trapped in that black magic. I am also hoping that this spell he is under can be broken. I totally agree with you about Second Lead Syndrome in this series. The scene between Poong Yeon and Yeon Hee was intense. I had a feeling that Poong Yeon and Heo Jun were going to face off eventually. As for Hong Joo wanting to latch on to Hyun Seo is a bit disturbing I think as well.

Firnlambe: Gosh, the whole mini plot of Hong Joo obsessing over Hyun Seo is just creepy. Though I am so glad there is no real SLS in this drama. I don’t think I would have been able to handle it if the writers had added that on top of all the black magic and political mess we’ve already been graced with.

Tiara: It really boils down to both Poong Yeon and Hong Joo are self-centered with their love. It’s always about what they want and not about what their loved one wants. Which brings me to Yeon Hee and Joon, being unselfish with their love and relationships. It’s all about the support for each other or others. These two don’t have to say anything to each other and I feel like I understand what they are not saying. I loved the quietness of Joon just handing over her brother’s urn and Yeon Hee’s smile. It was not necessary to see the switch of the urns, but it showed us how united these two have become in such a short time.

DeShonda: And that is what I love about Yeon Hee and Joon as well. They do have an understanding for each other which is what makes them likeable characters. The urn switch was not necessary, you are correct about that. As you mentioned it does show the viewer how close they really are. The urn switch was very clever of them and I liked that scene as well.

Tiara: The look of shock on Hong Joo’s face was priceless. It was a great win for Team Princess but of course Hong Joo had to find away to break Yeon Hee’s spirit. DeShonda, you’re right about her being manipulative. The argument between the Dowager Queen and her about the Crown Prince was a great way to reinforce Yeon Hee was never wanted. Yet, I have to give it to the Dowager for finally stepping up and protecting her daughter. Yay for another candle being lit.

Firnlambe: I will never tire from seeing Hong Joo being put in her place. And then as an added bonus the Queen took it up a notch by simply disposing of the Crown Prince’s Urn. The only downside to this situation was that Yeon Hee was there to hear the Queen talk with Hong Joo about how she wasn’t killed properly in the first place.

DeShonda: Hong Joo is just playing everyone against each other and she is even pulling in Poong Yeon into her trap. It makes me mad to watch her do that to my beloved characters. But I have a feeling she is going to get what is coming to her sooner or later. I enjoyed watching Queen Dowager this week. She was strong, protective of Yeon Hee, and finally putting her foot down and confronting Hong Joo. The entire confrontation was great to watch. The scene when she was walking with Yeon Hee past Hong Joo and Queen Dowager told Hong Joo to respect Yeon Hee as the Princess was great. The look on Hong Joo’s face….now that was priceless.

Tiara: That was another great scene. The Dowager was enjoying putting Hong Joo in her place these episodes and it was fun to watch it. I’m hoping with the King seeing Hong Joo’s true self, he will be less willing to listen to her like a puppet. She’s playing Poong Yeon like a violin by telling him Yeon Hee’s evilness needs to be taken away. How he thinks killing the evil by killing her will bring back the innocence Yeon Hee is beyond me. I mean dead is dead unless you’re using dark magic to bring her back as a zombie.

Firnlambe: Right?!? I don’t understand that logic either, killing her would not bring back the old Yeon Hee . . . //sigh// Poong Yeon has become a source of great disappointment for me. I feel like he is being led astray far too easily. Hopefully he get’s some sense knocked into him soon.

DeShonda: I am hoping that the King will come to realize what Hong Joo is really all about as well. And speaking of realization, Heo Jun has showed Sol Gae how Hong Joo is not to be trusted. I was on the edge of my seat when Yo Kwang was shot with an arrow by Hong Joo’s harem. That arrow was really meant for Sol Gae. I thought at first she was behind the mask during that scene. But Heo Jun is really close to revealing her secret to Poong Yeon. I wonder how he will react when he finds out the truth.

Tiara: Joon was practically telling Poong Yeon about Sol Gae’s secret identity. Unfortunately, Poong Yeon wasn’t connecting the dots with all of Joon’s question about Sol Gae. The look of horror on her face when Joon called out the Red Gentleman had me in tears of laughter. I’m glad for Joon’s brain and his ability to put the puzzle pieces together. I’m just afraid with his promise to cure the King won’t end well for him. The King’s illness doesn’t seem like something you can just take medicine. I get the feeling his thorn issue comes from the curse on the Royal Family. Unless, Yeon Hee can cure him with her magic and maybe light another candle.

Firnlambe: Joon is, hands down, my favorite character. He’s funny, smart and yet he is still able to stay extremely humble about it all. I hope he is able to turn the King’s view in regards to Hong Joo, him exposing her sneaky ways regarding the Red Gentleman’s robe should go a long way. And as long as she is taken down I feel like the King’s illness will go away since it has more to do with Hong Joo than the curse on the Royal Family.

DeShonda: I have a feeling that she won’t be able to cure the King either. And you and I are on the same thinking pattern Tiara. I think the King’s illness comes from the Royal Family also. I believe that Yeon Hee will be the only one who can fully cure him.

Tiara: We’re more than halfway towards the end, but I’m getting nervous with the number of candles that need to be lit. Not to mention, Poong Yeon has the ability to produce the flame of the gods. He’s join the darkside for the cookies, has the power to kill Yeon Hee, and is being played by the Emperor of Evil isn’t sitting well with me. I’m afraid of the trails our characters will be facing because I don’t see everyone surviving the upcoming War. Until Next time ... Watch more dramas

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