Welcome back Charlatans to this weeks recap of MIrror Of The Witch. In this weeks episodes Heo Jun heals King Seonjo of his curse then makes a heartwarming confession to him, a possible betrayal of Poong Yeon who kidnapped Yeon Hee, and Heo Jun discovers the Sword of Black Magic and kills Hong Joo.....kind of. Join Tiara, Firnlambe, and I as we discuss these and other events in Mirror Of The Witch.


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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Tiara: I want to talk about Poong Yeon first. I don’t know about you ladies, but man I was face palming a lot all through episode 15. It was annoying to see him just accept burning Yeon Hee would keep her alive, but kill the evil within her. What made this all worst was seeing him talk to his father. Sure, we know he’s a zombie, but he told his son he regrets not burning Yeon Hee and his character accepted it. Beyond frustrated with his character.

DeShonda: Tiara, frustrated is a good word to describe Poong Yeon this week. I was very annoyed with him as well. I did not like him talking to his father either. I was floored watching that scene.

Firnlambe: Surprisingly, after the initial sense of betrayal, I found myself accepting the possibility that Poong Yeon may be playing Hong Joo for a fool. His talk with Zombie dad is what sold me on the fact that he may not really be following blindly. To me I saw his eyes filled with doubt. Thankfully that was indeed the case.

Tiara: I had some suspicions things were not as they seemed with Poong Yeon when he continuously asked not just his father, but Hong Joo if he uses his fire would it would bring the Yeon Hee back. It made me double guest his willingness to believe his zombie father and Hong Joo. Yet, I was pretty much blinded by red when he took Yeon Hee from the palace. Which by the way, the palace has some really crappy guards.

DeShonda: I did find that rather strange when Poong Yeon was questioning both his father and Hong Joo as well. I was shocked when he kidnaped Yeon Hee from the palace as well. I did not expect that at all. I was wondering what he was going to do next. But I must admit I was frustrated when he did that.

Firnlambe: Again, I’m the odd one out here. Yes I was initially pissed that he took Yeon Hee from the palace, but most of that came from not seeing everything that really went into the scene at first glance during the first playthrough.

Tiara: Poong Yeon was pretty smart in his quest to protect Yeon Hee. He made Hong Joo believe she had his trust. Of course, it made us the view see him as a crazy fool, but darn the scheme work to his advantage. I just wished there were more clues for us to not believe he was going down the road to crazyville. I have to give him props for being able to out trick Hong Joo and help Team Princess for a win after weeks of getting trampled.

DeShonda: Yes indeed it sure did make him seem crazy. I thought he was going to betray Yeon Hee. But then we find out there is a method behind his madness. That was very well played and I agree he tricked me big time. I was going to turn my back on him completely.

Firnlambe: Once we were shown the slight variations the second time around, I let out a slight sigh. Between him tossing a note back at Joon to him looking like he was making sure he was not followed by the evil henchmen . . . I was fully placing my Kdrama hopes on him deciding to put her in a separate home once the lackeys in red went off to give their report to Hong Joo.

Tiara: It’s a good thing we haven’t turned our backs. We will need him to help light some more candles. Speaking of candles, we got another one this week. I can’t express how much I love King Sunjo. Fingers cross a bromance is also forming between Joon and our good King. The heart breaking speech by our King this week was so well performed I was almost brought to tears myself. I’m glad that Joon and the Princess were able to heal our King.

DeShonda: OMG….I was in tears watching King Sunjo’s speech. It was really heartbreaking but I am glad it happened. It made me see him in a different light. Thanks to The Truth Elixir, he really showed his heart through that speech and I am grateful. I am also very happy that he is cured as well. I really would love a bromance between the King and Joon. I like the chemistry between them. I also like Joon and Yo Kwang together. Those two were cracking me up this week.

Firnlambe: I was so worried that things would never recover after Zombie dad twisted the Truth Elixir, so that speech made me extremely happy as well. Speaking of the possible bromance. If I’m honest with myself, I get the feeling that Joon has that uncanny ability to sway anyone he meets into forming a friendship of sorts. So I don’t see that or the one between him and Yo Kwang as too far fetched.

Tiara: Haha Joon and Yo Kwang are just hilarious. I’m with you, these two just keep cracking me up. I’m enjoying seeing this relationship also grow. Now if only Joon and Poong Yeon can can play nice with each other. It might get a little difficult with the Dowager Queen pushing Joon and Yeon Hee away from each other. She also pushing for Poong Yeon to become the Head of the Taoist Temple. She believes only he can protect her daughter. Boo Drama! I hope this status of birth trope ends soon. Fingers cross the King just promotes Joon and I can stick my tongue out at the Dowager.

DeShonda: I am with you on that Tiara. It could get a bit sketchy because the Queen is pushing Joon and Yeon Hee further apart. And I did notice she is diligent on getting Poong Yeon on being the Head of the Taoist Temple. I hope that the King keeps Joon around. I have a feeling he will though. I wonder what favor Joon wanted to ask the King.

Firnlambe: A full Pardon perhaps? Or maybe unlimited visiting rights to see Yeon Hee?

Tiara: I’m guessing it will have to do with protecting Yeon Hee. I wouldn’t put it past Hyun Seo to have told him or given him the last page off screen at one of his times where he wasn’t a zombie about the curse. Despite the Dowager’s trying to keep these love birds away, Yeon Hee isn’t listening. She trust Joon and he trust her. I do believe this is how Joon was able to overcome the black magic. The only way these two will be apart is in death. I wouldn’t put it past the writers for Joon to be fated to die for Yeon Hee.

DeShonda: Yes that is very true Tiara. Hyun Seo could have given him the last page and we didn’t see it yet. I really love the chemistry that Yeon Hee and Joon have. Every week it is more wonderful to watch how more close they have become and how trust they have between them. I am happy that Yeon Hee is not listening to the Queen though. You make a very good point as well and I believe your prediction may be correct that Joon may die for Yeon Hee. That is going to be a sad scene to watch if it comes to that.

Firnlambe: Gosh I hope not. If it ends with Joon dying I’ll be depressed. He’s had so many awesome moments, and there is so much room for more. //sigh// I think my favorite scene to date with Joon is during his snarky response to Hong Joo while he was holding the sword of black magic. The fact that his heart did not waver and he was thus able to resist the black magic gave me such a drama high lol.

Tiara: It’s not the first time a KDrama has ended with a character’s death. However, it could also end in a Disney style fairy tale. The curse is about Yeon Hee’s frozen heart and having those she love die. Yet what happens to if those who love her can overcome? What I’ve learned from fairy tales thanks to Disney, true love can break any curse with the power of a kiss. I don’t see any smooching happening but maybe the last page is someone who love Yeon Hee truthfully has to make a sacrifice. Just the idea of putting your life on the line could be enough to break the curse.

DeShonda: I it could end like a Disney fairy tale. And I agree it could have something to do with the last page or Joon’s favor. No, I don’t see any kissing happening either, but indeed a sacrifice must be made. I have a feeling your predictions have some truth Tiara.

Firnlambe: Oh come on . . . you know we’re going to get at least a smooshed lip press if nothing else .//wags eyes// Maybe even the lip press whilst crying during a noble sacrifice?!? //sigh/// whatever it ends up being I hope it comes quickly.

As we are almost at the final few episodes of this drama, how do you think it will end? Do you think it will end like a Disney fairy tale with a possible kiss? Who do you think will light the final two candles?  Let us know in the comments. Until next time!


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