Charlatans, the finale hour is upon as a curse will be broken and our characters will ride off into the sunset one last time. It's time to say goodbye to Mirror of the Witch. Come join Firnlambe, DeShonda, and I, Tiara, as we talk about the good, the bad, and the bittersweet of the finale for Mirror of the Witch.


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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Firnlambe: //flails around the room in a tizzy// WHAT?!?! That’s how they decide to end this wonderful drama? I am filled with much disappointment.

Tiara: I have a love/hate for ambiguous endings. As for this ending, it’s on my bad list when christmas comes along. I’m totally with you Firnlambe about being disappointing. I just wish a drama to put on the big girlie panties and tell me the end. Don’t leave it open.

DeShonda: The ending...well I wanted more as well.

Firnlambe: I was glad that they “met up again”, but seriously . . . Yeon Hee just decided to take the noble “death”, didn’t die, and yet she still did not try to find her love? I call BS…..or poor writers not knowing what to do anymore, though that’s basically the same thing--right?

Tiara: You’re right about getting hope Yeon Hee and Joon found each other in heaven or another lifetime. It’s really a bittersweet ending with Yeon Hee killing herself. I was really hoping neither Joon or her had to actually die. Why couldn’t the curse be broken with the act of Yeon Hee taking the potion, but the potion is just water? The extra episodes I think hurt the drama from telling the original story the writer wanted to tell.

DeShonda: I was happy as well to see Yeon Hee and Joon together again. And I didn’t want either of them to die either Tiara. I was unaware about the extra episodes.

Firnlambe: Wait we were given extra episodes? Huh . . . shows how much I pay attention. They did do some good things though with the last two episodes. I’m looking at you mini King/Joon bromance moments.

Tiara: It’s not the romance I wanted, but I really glad for my bromance at the end. Those two are wonderful and adorable. Why couldn’t we have more episodes with these two flirting and teasing each other? Darn you evil!!!!

DeShonda: You already know I am a big fan of the bromance. I could have watched a few more episodes of those two as well. They are so adorable.

Firnlambe: So I don’t know about you guys, but I was never able to get over/accept Hong Joo’s obsession with Zombie Dad. Did they have an affair? Was it pity? Remorse? We never got solid answers and that makes me exceptionally sad, because there was so much possible story plot that they could have worked with.

Tiara: It was a weird relationship between Hyun Seo and Hong Joo for sure. She clearly cared for him more than a teacher/student relationship suggested. As for Hyun Seo, I believe he cared for her, but I have no idea if it was romantic or not. Their relationship is explained much like the curse. It wasn’t really explained and open for us to figure it out or make it up.

DeShonda: I agree with you Firnlalmbe, I wanted more of a backstory between the relationship between Hong Joo and Hyun Seo as well. They did hit on a little bit of a back story, but I don’t believe it to be romantic at all.

Firnlambe: //sigh// another open ended interpretation moment. I loved everything about this show right up until the very end. When consistency flew out the door. All of our characters, from the main leads--to the small one or two scenes character, were well rounded and fleshed out characters. We hated who we were supposed to hate and pitied those who were supposed to be pitied. So it makes me sad when a show that starts strong loses some of it’s momentum. The parts that I loved were not even able to make up for it.

Tiara: Sadly, the drama lost it’s momentum episodes ago. Hong Joo losing her powers should have been a real kick back for her and instead she was able to keep on twirling her villain mustache. She kept winning all these battles against her heroes and turning more characters to the darkside. These two episodes really didn’t do anything super new. I was actually shock to see Heo Ok made it to the finale and given an elixir. Heck Sol Gae couldn’t make it to the finale before being killed off. Sure it was redeeming moment, but man she didn’t evening get a chance to get an elixir to light a candle.

DeShonda: I was shocked that Heo Ok made it to the end as well. I was not expecting that at all. I would have loved to see Sol Gae make it to the end and light the candles.

Firnlambe: I was surprised that Heo Ok made it as well. I would have preferred to have Sol Gae light one of the remaining candles and have OK’s character die off instead, but I suppose it was really just to fill time anyway. I feel bad that we keep finding things to pick at (even if it is justified) what were the moments that stood out to you ladies?

Tiara: I really enjoyed the wedding. It was super cute seeing them try to take their vows and bow without giggling. It was such a sweet moment next to them playing house. I have to give Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon props for playing out this romance. They did a fantastic job of making it feel natural and real. Playing house and their wedding were good memories to remember the drama by as the ending was less to be desired.

DeShonda: The wedding was super cute! I loved every bit of that scene! I really enjoyed the interaction between Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon throughout this drama. They both did a very good job together.

Firnlambe: The wedding! That was adorable. I also enjoyed how Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon portrayed this romance. I was a little worried with the age difference, but the writers did a nice job of having them do other more subtle ways of expressing their feelings. I was also really glad that Brother dearest was finally able to overcome the evil, with some help from Father of course.

Tiara: Poong Yeon’s love for Yeon Hee being explain happen to be a highlight for me. He was confusing love with responsibility. For his character to finally relieve those moments of his promise to protect her, it helped him understand the difference between obsession and love. It made me like his troubled character more. It was hard to enjoy his character after his trip to the darkside, but the more he tried to fight for Yeon Hee’s protection and not her love the more I really felt for his character.

DeShonda: I will have to agree with you Tiara. I loved Poong Yeon’s character more when he was protecting Yeon Hee. That’s a good explanation of his character, confusing love with responsibility.

Firnlambe: Agreed. That helped to clear up his character a lot. It was nice to see that what he truly felt for Yeon Hee was not romantic love, but a more protective--really like a brother--type love. /Not/ like Yo Gwang and Soon Deuk. Those two are very much head over heels for each other. And the fact that they now own a restaurant together makes me very happy lol.

Tiara: Haha!!! Yo Gwang and Soon Deuk getting together in the end was icing on the cake. I love they took over keeping an eye on Joon almost like a mother hen. I can’t say I’m surprised Soon Deuk owns a restaurant however I was shook she was going to give Joon a free meal. I loved seeing Joon work hard to become a Doctor. He may not have known the reason why he was born, but maybe it was to help heal the world and give love to a ice hearted princess. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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