Grab your herbs and cauldrons, Charlatans, for week 4’s lesson in potions. It’s a week in Professor Snape’s potion class. Class clown, Joon is causing mischief for our cursed princess while our king is joining hands with “She Who Must Not Be Named.” The class bully, Ok, is made a guard for the royal family and the queen is reunited with her dead son. The hunt for the Red Gentleman continues for class jock, Poong Yeon, while the common people believe that with Joon’s “death” their worries are gone. Meanwhile, the retired Professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts, Hyun Seo has left his eternal sleep and Yo Kwang may have found a way to protect his princess. Come join Firnlambe, DeShonda, and I, Tiara, as we analyze the world building, mythology, and the juicy new turns of events in this week's episodes of Mirror of the Witch.


Mirror of the Witch

Starring Kim Sae Ron and Yoon Si Yoon

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Firnlambe: Ok I’ve said it before . . . but I’m saying it again. This drama’s legit Joseon Blackmagic is no joke. Hong Joo is weaving a very twisted thread and it’s getting hard to follow at times.

Tiara: The supernatural elements are fantastic. The mythology of the series just continues to be building with each episode. I can’t think of a drama which has been able to combine magic and supernatural into a commanding story.

DeShonda: I must admit, Hong Joo and her Black Magic definitely keep my on the edge of my seat week after week. I just wonder what she is going to do next. I was thinking the same thing Tiara, in that I can’t think of a drama which has both elements as you mentioned. And that is what makes this drama for me very unique and it makes for an interesting story as well.

Tiara: I agree the amount of storylines in this drama are all over the map with so many characters and magical creatures. Yet, the drama has done a wonderful job of crafting all these stories into a coherent narration. Hong Joo’s plans are so unclear. She “killed” Yeon Hee’s brother, but she has his magical dark spirit. She has “healed” the King by installing this dark soul into his body. Our Mistress of Evil is playing both the King and the Queen.

DeShonda: I absolutely agree with you Tiara. I am trying to figure out what the Mistress of Evil plans are as well. It’s obvious she is playing games with both the King and Queen. I just wonder what else she has up her sleeve.

Firnlambe: Backing up a tidge to the dark soul of the prince. I was greatly confused during that whole scene. On one hand it’s the prince, but right before the soul took over the King (and correct me if I’m wrong) didn’t the voice over call the King “My little brother”. How does that work. Is the current King really the dead prince’s brother? The genetics in this series is so complex.

Tiara: It’s very confusing time for not only the King, but us. I’m not sure Firnlambe if the two souls can share the body or if only the strongest will survive. Hong Joo seems to make us believe this is all apart of her plan. She “handed picked” the current King. I wonder if the Prince’s soul will take over the King’s body, does this mean the original curse on the Prince is still in play?

DeShonda: I am glad you bought this topic up Firnlambe. I am also confused and I had to go back a re watch that scene you mentioned to make sure I caught that voice over as well. But Tiara, you make a good point because I wonder if the Prince’s soul will take over the King’s body as well. And if that is the case, then I think that the Prince’s curse is still very in effect.

Firnlambe: Well whatever does end up happening, I’m sure it won’t be good for Joon and Yeon Hee. Speaking of which //squeeeeeeeee// this couple keeps getting more and more adorable the longer they interact with each other.

Tiara: I love Yeon Hee trying to protect Joon by pretending to be no one of importance while Joon drank the elixir to forget his time. They’re both self-sacrifice for each other it just makes me fangirl squeal.

DeShonda: I am loving the interaction between Yeon Hee and Joon. These two are so very adorable. I was scared at first when Joon drank the elixir. I thought things could go either bad or good for him. But I am happy that everything worked out.

Firnlambe: I thought it was absolutely brilliant when Yeon Hee actually took the oblivion elixir before it was even given to Joon. Though this leaves the question of why did he lie to Older Brother about the golden bell? If he’s had his memories this entire time there should be no reason as to why he wouldn’t explain he had seen it.

Tiara: I don’t think it’s a lie because Joon never saw it. He fell off the horse and Yeon Hee caught him. She’s the one who took and stupidly rang the bell. Unless I missed something along the way.

DeShonda: Nope Tiara, you and I both saw Yeon Hee ring the bell. I wondered why she would do that? I was cringing as she was ringing it hoping that her and Joon would not get caught.

Firnlambe: I am so glad I’m not the only one frustrated with her idiotic bell ringing session . . . . Yes Joon never saw the bell while on the horse, but Yeon Hee did show it to him while he was still faking ignorance on if he remembers the curse book or not. She showed it to his face, and THERE he had plausible deniability for not knowing it, but after he was caught crossdressing (he really does love dressing in woman’s clothes in this series) he just straight lied about seeing a golden bell.

Tiara: That’s right, Yeon Hee did show it to him. However, he doesn’t remember his time with Yeon Hee in her Bat Cave of magic.

DeShonda: You took the words right out of my mouth Tiara. He does not remember his time with Yeon Hee in the cave at all.

Firnlambe: B---but she never gave him the elixir. She swapped it out. How does he not have the memories if all he drank was water.

Tiara: I don’t think he’s lying, because I wouldn’t put it past Joon switching it back or heck Yo Kwang making sure. But he’s been know to lie before and maybe he’s just continuing protecting her. Which leads me to his burn mark from part of the protection shield -- I love the twist with Joon being her shield. However if he’s her protector, how did Mistress of Evil find her in his circle?

DeShonda: I didn’t think that he was lying either. I actually was thinking that he was being protective of her as well. I love the entire scene with Joon and Yo Kwang and how he first discovered the burn mark.

Tiara: Yo Kwang overlooking the mark had me in tears with laughter.

Firnlambe: That scene was hysterical, but wasn’t it because STUPID HYUN SEO decided now would be a good time to disable the shield charms that Yeon Hee was found? I mean seriously man?!?! I hope you are doing all of this due to all of the wispy black soul smoke you inhaled earlier because otherwise I am sorely disappointed in you.

Tiara: I’m talking about Yeon Hee ringing the bell in the present of Joon. It doesn’t make sense if he has a protection shield for the evil goons to be able to find them. I mean it’s a great twist to allow Joon protection against the curse, but there’s some holes on how it works leading up to the reveal.

DeShonda: It is a great twist in the story and I couldn’t agree with you more Tiara, there are many holes however. I am sure we will learn how Joon’s protection mark works soon enough.

Firnlambe: Maybe because Joon was unconscious during the scene . . . or because the original barrier was starting to break due to Yeon Hee leaving, but was not yet destroyed. It’s almost as if she can only have one barrier up at a time.

Tiara: Episode 6 ending with Yeon Hee leaving her Batcave and the talismans bursting into flames. Once safely back in the cave with Joon, Yo Kwang notices the talisman back to their original form. It’s assumed Joon has the ability to stabilize the magic force field. (F: oooooo good observation) I’m just nitpicking at this point. However, Hyun Seo is making me worried. What is he up too and what’s with the torn out page?

DeShonda: I like your prediction about the ending of Episode 6 Tiara. I bet there has to be some truth to what you are stating. The torn page has me wondering what that is all about as well.

Firnlambe: Didn’t that page have the barrier tree symbol on it?

Tiara: That’s what I thought it looked like. I think I stared at it for about 5 minutes. It’s either the protection symbol or it has something to do with the tree in the Batcave. If this was Disney, it would be the Happily Ever After ending with true love’s kiss. However, Joon first needs to prove his innocents.

Firnlambe: This is very true. He can’t do much of anything when he’s been declared dead now can he. Hopefully he is able to learn more clues that will help clear him, it seems like his has a peculiar new trait to do this. I mean how else is he able to see how his brothel friend died.

DeShonda: I sure hope Joon clears his name as well. Which makes me wonder still who is the Red Gentleman. I am still scratching my head trying to figure that piece out.

Tiara: Hehehe … Joon’s new gifts are totally like Prosecutor Tae Yeon and Private Detective San. ^-^ Only without having blood to trigger the flashback. Is the King in his right mind to award Ok with anything? I mean I know he’s hurting being curse with thorns, but the guy is dumber than a box of rocks.

The drama continues to enrich its world building with each episodes. I’m in love with the visuals of the drama. It’s just beautiful which is not surprising coming from JTBC. Both Cruel Palace and Maids we’re a delight to watch with all the magnificence costumes to the sets. We’re still waiting for the rules of magic for dummies book to explain some of the supernatural elements. It seems this maybe explain as events continue to unfold. Joon seems to be Yeon Hee’s safety net. This will just bring our love bird closer as they work together to unmask the Red PJ serial killer. Yeon Hee will finally be able to love Joon and not have to worry he’ll die because he was born to protect her. Fingers cross … until next time, watch more dramas.

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